Dynamic Yield for Publishers

Easily deliver a more engaging and relevant reading experience.

Real-time Optimization of Headlines and Images

Choose different options for headlines and images for your articles. Our algorithms will analyze the performance of each and deliver in real time the best performing option to your readers.

Targeted Articles Per Reader Type

On any given moment, there are many different types of readers on your website. From finance readers to video watchers, sports fans to news addicts, engaged visitors to inactive visitors – you name it. Now you can deliver the right page layout and content to every visitor according to his or her interest.

Omnichannel Personalization

Target every reader with the most relevant articles, page layout and overall experience for him or her, according to who they are, what interests them, where they came to your website from, what device they’re on and their past reading behavior on your website. Delivering an optimal reading experience will naturally lead to more engagement and increased reader loyalty.

Article Performance Comparison

See how a live article is performing in comparison to the last article in the same slot in terms of CTR, trend and overall performance. Quickly compare live articles to previous articles in the same slot, know what works and what doesn’t, and act on these insights in real time to improve reader engagement.

Website Overlay showing
Real-time Performance

See how every element on your front page is performing in real time, directly on your website. Data for every single element, such as impressions, CTR, engagement and revenue, will be visible to you at all times, enabling you to make real-time data-driven decisions about items that matter most.

Full Professional Service

A dedicated account manager will help you get started, guide your optimization efforts in the right direction and be your personal mentor along the way. After all, your success is our goal.

Sweet & Simple Setup Process

Getting started only requires implementing a single line of code on your website. Once that is done, your account manager will personally set up everything for you. On average, this takes less than 10 minutes.