Dynamic Yield for Publishers

Dynamic Yield for Publishers is designed to help you deliver a more engaging and relevant reading experience to every reader, by providing you with substantial real-time control and insights on practically any content item. To ensure reader engagement and overall revenue is maximized, Dynamic Yield uses machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis that constantly aim for performance optimization.

Real-Time Optimization of Headlines and Images

We know how important your headlines and images are to user engagement and article CTR. That’s why we made optimizing them a breeze. Simply choose different possible headlines and images for your articles, and Dynamic Yield will take it from there. Our algorithms will try the different options, monitor and analyze their performance, and have the best performing option go live. And because your website and its visitors are constantly changing, our engine runs 24/7 and makes sure that the best performing headlines and images are always live in real-time.

Targeted Articles Per Audience Group

On any given moment, there are many different types of readers on your website. From sports fans to video watchers, finance readers to parents of young children, engaged visitors to inactive visitors – you name it. Dynamic Yield for Publishers lets you deliver the right page layout and content to every visitor, according to his or her interest. Why settle for visitors that come, dig, flip and go, when your visitors can come, read, stay and read more!

Article Performance Comparison

See real-time data showing how articles running in the same slot on a specific page, but at different times, are comparing in terms of CTR, trend and overall performance. This way, you can compare live articles to previous articles that ran in the same slot, know what works and what doesn’t, and immediately act on these insights to improve reader engagement.

Website Overlay showing Real-Time Performance

See how every element on your front page is performing in real-time, directly on your website. For every single element, key performance indicators such as impressions, CTR, engagement and revenue will now be visible to you at all times, enabling you to make real-time data-driven decisions about items that matter most.

Priceless Knowledge From Top Experts

Our vast experience in the field taught us what works, what doesn’t and where it’s worth to focus. The service we offer includes sharing this knowledge with you, and leading your optimization efforts in the right direction. Our professional experts will help you get started, provide practical tips and will basically be your personal mentors. After all, your success is our goal.

No Coding, No Hassle, No Kidding.

One of our main goals is to provide a simple and practical platform that publishers will actually want to use. To get started, you are only required to implement a single tracking script on your website. Additionally, our expert team will gladly set up everything for you to get you started in no time.

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