Dynamic Yield: Real-time Web Personalization & Optimization

Personalize. Optimize. Convert.

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High Conversion Rate

Maximized Revenue

Automatically deliver a personalized and optimized user experience to every website visitor, and significantly increase content relevance, user engagement and overall revenue. Learn more

Fast Results

Fast Results

Move away from static content and manual A/B testing to dynamic and automated content serving that optimizes for your business goals in real-time. Learn more

No Code Required

No Code Required

Dynamic Yield was created with you in mind. Use templates, create custom, personalized experiences, and optimize your site, without having to go through code deployments and without being dependent on your IT team. Learn more

Real-time Control

Real-Time Control

Gain real-time data and insights on every web personalization and optimization action you take. Modify your content, promotions and campaigns as they are being served. Learn more

Over 3 billion
optimized page views
each month

Over 120 million
monthly visitors with
a personalized experience

Over 12 million
optimized and personalized
content variations