10 Personalization Statistics You Ought to Know

Update: We pulled 50 of the most important personalization stats from three of our comprehensive reports and they tell a pretty interesting story of opportunity. Discover the latest personalization stats here: 50 of Dynamic Yield’s Most Important Personalization Research Stats.

Real-time marketing and content personalization are vital for increasing website performance. They are so important that Shawn DuBravac, the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA’s) Chief Economist, has referred to the digitization and personalization of data for individual consumers as “the new frontier for retailers,” and a “third industrial revolution.” Despite this, numerous surveys suggest that there’s a gap between understanding and performing these tasks in reality. It seems that we all know it’s important for our digital marketing efforts, but we struggle to get started.

Here are some interesting marketing statistics to portray at a glance the era of digital personalization and dynamic content delivery and, perhaps, motivate us to take action.

Marketers’ Attitude Toward Personalization:

94% of in-house marketers agree that website personalization is critical to current and future success. (Tweet this)

Source: The Realities of Online Personalization, by Econsultancy

88% of digital marketers consider real-time marketing as an important part of their 2014 online marketing plans. (Tweet this)

Source: Real-Time for the Rest of Us, by Evergage

81% of marketers perceive increase in customer engagement as the main benefit of real-time marketing. (Tweet this)

Source: Real-Time for the Rest of Us, by Evergage

Customers’ Attitude Toward Personalization:

74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions, etc.) appears that has nothing to do with their interests. (Tweet this)

Source: 2013 Online Personal Experience Study, by Janrain

46% of B2B customers consider tailored offers as extremely significant activities in terms of maintaining or growing the relationship with the business provider. (Tweet this)

Source: Why Companies Need to Market – and Not Just Sell – to Existing Customers, by Gartner

Reality Check:

Only 29% of marketers today invest in website personalization and use of behavior-based data. (Tweet this)

Source: 2014 State of Marketing, by ExactTarget

72% of companies say they don’t understand how to carry out website personalization. Common barriers are lack of technology or inability to translate data into action. (Tweet this)

Source: The Realities of Online Personalization, by Econsultancy

42% of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from 77 different countries say their IT organizations do not have the right skills and capabilities to meet upcoming digital business challenges. (Tweet this)

Source: Six Key Steps to Build a Successful Digital Business, by Gartner

More than 46% of companies say they are held back by IT roadblocks and legacy technology. (Tweet this)

Source: The Realities of Online Personalization, by Econsultancy

Only 32% say their CMS enables web personalization. (Tweet this)

Source: Personalising the Web Experience, Adobe and Econsultency

If you want to learn more about content personalization, or if you’re interested in implementing a personalization and behavioral targeting strategy that fulfills your business objectives, drop us a line and we’ll have you going in no time at all.

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