Improve Paid Media Conversions with Dynamic Advertising Campaigns

An all-in-one customer engagement platform for dynamic advertising, segmented media buying, and post-click optimization.

Synchronize The Complete Customer Journey

Customer Segmentation

Synchronize The Complete Customer Journey
Enrich your retargeting and acquisition campaigns by uploading online and offline customer data, automatically cookie-matched with 3rd party RTB platforms.

Dynamic Ads

Engage Customers with Personalized Ads Across Platforms
Optimize and personalize display ads to be served on any third-party site or ad network. Seamlessly integrate data feeds and optimize for your most valuable KPIs to dramatically decrease ad spend and increase campaign ROI.
Engage Customers with Personalized Ads Across Platforms

Segmented Experiments

Serve Personalized & Optimized Experiences in Real-Time
Continuously run A/B/n and Multivariate tests to optimize post-click experiences. Customize layout, content, and design in real time for different acquisition channels and marketing campaigns.
Winning VariationSegmented Experiments
Winning Variation
Winning Variation

Segment A: Hot Weather
Segment B: Cold Weather

Landing Page Automation

Create and Personalize Landing Pages At Scale
Use a one-of-a-kind landing page builder with advanced capabilities already built in:
› Dynamic Variables
Automatically alter the text according to geo-location, URL parameters, cookie values and more.
› Automated Optimization Engine
Run A/B and Multivariate tests on any element, automatically optimize for your most valuable KPIs.
› Real-Time Messaging
Supercharge your pages with real-time social proof messages and personalized offers.
› Personalized Recommendations
Enhance the value of your landing pages by adding engaging and personalized recommendations.


Paris, Here I Come!

Recommendations real time messaging dianamic variables a_b testing


Dynamic Links

Link-Level A/B Testing, Optimized for Your Campaigns
Infuse your SEM campaigns, email programs, display ads, and social campaigns with dynamic link capabilities. Create intelligent links that dynamically route users to different ad variations, automatically optimized for the goals you set.
Smart Links
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