Improve paid media ROI with predictive personalization and experimentation

Optimize post-click experiences, run personalized retargeting banners, and build targeted landing pages at scale.
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Integrate personalization within your paid media strategy

Maximize results from your paid media campaigns by designing consistent user experiences across multiple touchpoints, optimized for each user’s preferences.
Synchronize the complete customer journey
Build Facebook Custom Audiences with Dynamic Yield data
Build rich customer segments in Dynamic Yield, based on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party data, then sync them to Facebook Custom Audiences to enrich and improve your targeting audiences.
Personalize and optimize post-click experiences
Personalize and optimize post-click experiences
Continuously run A/B tests to optimize post-click experiences. Customize the layout, content, and design in real time for different acquisition channels and marketing campaigns.
with personalized banners

Engage customers
with personalized display ads

Optimize and personalize display ads to be served on third-party sites and ad networks. Dynamically build and serve ads based on integrated data feeds, optimized for your most valuable KPIs.

Dynamic Yield integrates with the tools you already use

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