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and drive more revenue with a holistic AI personalization system
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AI experience
A decade’s worth of AI innovation in personalization distilled into every solution.
A unified operating system architecture
Centralized data foundation, unified taxonomy, and a single modular operating system.
Human-first, ethics-led AI
AI-powered personalization, engineered with enterprise-grade security, compliance, and control.

Discover deep personalization insights with AI

Let AI uncover the optimal targeting setup to drive the most uplift in revenue for each campaign, with a single click. Use AI to translate complex personalization data into actionable, bite-sized reports for your C-suite.
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February 26, 2024 spotlight:
Results at a glance
  • In the past 7 days, recommendations generated $1.97M in direct revenue and $4.94M in assisted revenue across the product page and homepage. Your direct revenue is 8.5% of total revenue, above industry benchmark, which is 7.4%.
  • You are not running product recommendations on the cart page. According to industry benchmark, this can increase your overall recommendations revenue by 22%.
Personalization Opportunity Found! Gain additional +13.35% uplift by serving “New Homepage Banner V1” to “VIP Customers” audience.
Recommendations Opportunity: You are not running product recommendations on the cart page. Adding them could increase potential revenue from recommendations by 22%.
Optimization Opportunity: Run a global control group test to gain an overarching view of program success and calculate your ROI from Dynamic Yield.
Personalization Opportunity: Show Visually Similar recommendations to returning users to gain an additional 15% uplift from your repeat visitors.

Supercharge copy and visuals with generative AI

Free yourself from repetitive copywriting, spark stunning visuals in seconds with AI, and unleash your creative genius with minimum effort.
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Unlock unmatched decisioning

Predict next best interests, affinity, and products with our centralized AI decision engine, AdaptML™. AdaptML harnesses state-of-the-art machine learning, including Natural Language Processing and Recurrent Neural Networks, to achieve unmatched personalization precision. Learn more about AdaptML →

Make shopping feel like
chatting with a friend

Shopping Muse understands your customers’ needs and suggests product bundles. It harnesses the power of multi-faceted machine learning models, incorporating NLP, image recognition, and personalization algorithms to ensure each shopping session feels as personalized as can be.
Learn more about Shopping Muse →

Your Shopping Muse
Hey there 👋 I’m here to help you find what you
need. How can I help you today?
I'm looking for an outfit for a
winter destination wedding in Bali
Sure, let’s find you the perfect outfit for a
winter destination wedding in Bali
Floral Elegance
MAMA Maxi Dress
Long Halterneck Dress
Halter Sleeved Dress
Linen Blend Dress
Puff-Sleeved Dress
Open-Backed Chiffon
Maxi Wrap Dress
Strappy Chic
Lace Up Kitten Heels
Chunky Heel Sandal
Slide Heeled Sandal
Ankle Strap Sandal
Show me something bolder, like
a pop star would wear
Absolutely, let’s help you dress up
like a true pop-star!
Edgy Chic
Bow-Front Mini Dress
Show Similar
Shoulder-Pad Dress
Long-Sleeved Bodycon
V-Neck Midi Dress
Satin Kaftan Dress
Off-Shoulder Blouse
Jersey Slip Dress
Show similar items to “Shoulder-
Pad Dress”
Sure, let’s find similar items to “Shoulder-
Pad Dress”
Similar to “Shoulder-Pad Dress”
Sequined Dress
Metallic Mini Skirt
Ribbed Jersey Dress
Sequined Wrap Dress
Cut-Out Bodycon
Beaded Disco Dress
Patterned Poplin
“Dynamic Yield's deep learning automatically determines the right subset of parameters for each customer.”

— Head of Data

“Dynamic Yield is ahead of the game in every areas of personalization, leveraging AI in a lot of their products.

— Digital Marketing Director

Everything you need and more

From the early days of Dynamic Yield, AI has been a cornerstone of our product. We view it as a tool that empowers our customers to distill complex consumer behavior patterns into actionable insights, decipher underlying motivations, intent, and, to some extent, even emotions.

At Dynamic Yield, we deliver a comprehensive suite of personalization AI solutions that empower brands holistically across four key dimensions:

1. Insights: Use Predictive Targeting to generate fast, accurate data for informed decision-making, uncover additional targeting options to drive the most uplift in revenue for each campaign

2. Creative: Use Copywriter and to accelerate creative processes for diverse audiences, create copywriting texts and stunning visuals in seconds with AI, and unleash your creative genius with minimum effort.

3. Decisioning: Unlock state-of-the-art machine learning predictions at scale with AdaptML and predict next best interests, affinity, and products to achieve unmatched personalization precision.

4. Conversation: Simulate natural, in-store experiences with personalized recommendations with Shopping Muse.

Experience OS is channel agnostic and AI is natively integrated throughout, making AI activation seamless across channels and touchpoints.

For example, a brand could surface visually similar items, using our VisualML algorithm, across triggered emails, web, and app. Additionally, our AI decisioning can be extended beyond Experience OS; a brand can share our AI enhanced affinity profiles to any external platform or endpoint via API. Lastly, Shopping Muse can be launched from any place on your website, as a chat icon, as a widget, or even in the navigation bar to complement search.

AdaptML sits at the core of our system to automate decision-making and intensify personalization within Experience OS. It contains:

NextML: NLP self-training models to predict and recommend the next relevant item. Leverage NextML to refocus distracted users by predicting their next best item, create a “pick up where you left off experience” with more relevant recommendations for returning visitors, or to recommend more relevant items in triggered messages to cart abandoners.

AffinityML: Recurrent Neural Networks to enhance each user’s affinity profile with predicted intent. Leverage AffinityML to identify one time purchases and recommend complementary items that share similar attributes, find the most relevant items for each customer across categories, and bring customers back after they’ve completed a purchase with highly tailored and predictive affinity-based recommendations.

VisualML: Vision Transformer models to identify and recommend visually similar products. Leverage VisualML to recommend visually similar items on out of stock product pages, help users find similar items within a category page, or recommend visually similar items that might be a better fit than an item that was left in a user’s cart.

You can learn more about AdaptML here.

Shopping Muse is unique from virtually all other conversational bots in the market. The recommendation algorithm behind Shopping Muse leverages several components of Dynamic Yield’s industry-leading deep learning engine, including Visual Similarity and ML-powered Affinity. Additionally, all contextual and behavioral data Dynamic Yield collects (both in-session and historic, based on the customer profile) are used in real time to ensure Shopping Muse recommends the most relevant and engaging products for each individual user. Learn more about Shopping Muse here.

For Dynamic Yield, Responsible Personalization isn’t just a philosophy, it is the core framework and technological foundation underpinning Experience OS that puts customer privacy and data protection at the forefront of everything we do. Learn more about Responsible Personalization at Dynamic Yield here.

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Experience OS is modular and synergistic – all of our powerful AI models can be shared across properties, channels, and even connectors outside of Experience OS.