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Personalizing QSR Mobile Apps: A Distinctive Growth Opportunity

A quick guide to personalization across the customer lifecycle for financial services

Increase in year-long spending following onset of COVID-19 causes drop in 2020 Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales, analysis finds

Elkjop case study

Building customer-centric digital experiences: An Elkjop case study

Key insights, trends, and findings from our eCommerce benchmarks tool

How retailers can maximize the influx of organic search traffic to PDPs during COVID-19

mobile experiment design

Turning your customers’ mobile pain points into purposeful experiment design

Diff Agency

Partner Spotlight: Diff Agency

email A/B testing

The right and wrong way to do email A/B testing

conversion rate ideas

How to never run out of conversion rate optimization ideas

push notifications

A personalized strategic approach to push notifications

triggered emails

Tactics for sending high-impact triggered emails

From in Line at TJ Maxx to Online: A Lesson in Checkout Optimization

Beat the Holiday Hangover! Convert More Holiday Shoppers with Personalization

Why Most Businesses Aren’t Happy with Their CRO Results

care of

Personalization that resonates: A Care/of case study

How to Create High-Converting Mobile Product Pages

How to Improve Your Post-Purchase eCommerce Strategy

Closing the Mobile Conversion Gap

Closing the Mobile Conversion Gap

We Drank Our Own Brew & Here’s What Happened: A B2B Optimization Story

The 25-Point Checklist for Optimizing Mobile Commerce Conversions

The art and science of killer abandoned cart emails

cro exit popups

Effective CRO tactics for personalized exit popups

dynamic content layout

Personalizing websites with dynamic content layouts

social proof marketing

The psychology of social proof marketing to drive conversions

weather targeting

How to use weather targeting for personalization

Publishers: Learn How to Cultivate and Grow Your Side Door Traffic

Top 15 Conversion Rate Optimization Thought Leaders to Follow

Top conversion rate optimization thought leaders to follow today

71 Digital Marketing Resources on Growth, Retention, Optimization and Analytics

CRO plan

Developing a conversion rate optimization strategy

Infographic: 10 Hacks to Deal with Trust, Benefits and Risk Issues and Increase E-commerce Conversions

10 Hacks to Deal with Trust, Benefits and Risk Issues

landing page optimization

The core principles of landing page optimization

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