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Building the Right “It”: How Pretotyping Guides Product Decisions with Concrete Data

Organizing Personalization Around Revenue Goals: A 4-Step Method for Financial Institutions

Online Privacy: The Realpolitik of Browser Wars and the Future

Turning messy data into a gold mine using Spark, Flink, and ScyllaDB

Smoke, mirrors, and other obstacles along the way to ethical AI

optimization analytics

The role of optimization analytics in experimentation

Battling the Devils in Your Analytics & Optimization Data

Into the Great Unknown: Understanding and Leveraging Dark Social Traffic

Web analytics decision making

7 Questions to Improve Your Data-Based Web Analytics Decisions

Apache HBase for the Win, Part II: 4 In-Depth Tips for Pulling Less Hair Out

HBase for the Win, Part II: 4 In-Depth Tips for Pulling Less Hair Out

Why Most Marketers Fail at Web Analytics

Why most marketers fail at web analytics


Doing Data Science in a Startup: The Hard Truth

Google Analytics Fundamental Filters

Don’t Trust Your Google Analytics Data Just yet (part 2): Get Rid of Noise With These Fundamental 9 Filters

Apache HBase for the Win, Part 1: All the Ways in Which it’s Bad – and Why it’s Still Great

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