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Person holds up gleaming credit card.

Calling All Banks: Personalisation Is Crucial to Meeting the UK’s New Consumer Duty Mandate

A human face embedded in a half-sphere-shaped screen

What Marketers Miss in the GenAI Discussion

An image of a brain, lightbulb and a checkmark

Here’s Why Your Customers Are Tuning You Out

Why Gen Z Craves Personalized Restaurant Experiences

The Human Advantage in the Age of AI and Personalization

Illustration of a woman weighing two shapes, a circle and a triangle, which represent changing affinities.

How Deep Learning is Adding Predictive Personalization Prowess to User Affinity Profiling

Personalization Unfolded, A Complete Guide by Dynamic Yield

Personalization’s Influence (and Necessity) Across The Online Grocery Journey

5 Personalization Strategies to Bring the Magic of the In-Store Grocery Experience, Online

Why A/B Testing and Personalization Are More Powerful Together

Personalizing QSR Mobile Apps: A Distinctive Growth Opportunity

Personalization in QSR: The Possibilities You Didn’t Know Existed

4 Signs It’s Time To Move Beyond Your ESP’s Personalization Functionality

Amazon Prime Day: Strategies to Personalize like a Goliath

An Intro to MACH Architecture

Financial Institutions Are Missing Out on Personalization

When It Comes to Personalization, QSRs Are Asking the Wrong Questions

Revolutionizing The Drive-Thru Experience By Personalizing for 100% of Guests

Unlocking Personalization in Financial Services: The Power of Audience Strategy

Why Furniture Brands Should Stop Using Antiquated Segmentation Strategies

A quick guide to personalization across the customer lifecycle for financial services

Personalization: the key to optimizing the metaverse shopping experience

5 ways personalization boosts customer acquisition for banking brands

How dynamic personalization transforms retail and supply chain management

How the exponential revenue gains from personalization are too big for financial services to ignore

Why the webstore has become predictable and how guided selling can fix it

The 3 Black Friday Shopping Personas and How to Move From Generalized Discounting to Targeted Experiences

Make it rein this Holiday with a scalable approach to personalization

Creating authentic, personalized experiences Gen-Z shoppers won’t cancel

Personalization IRL: The rise of tailored physical experiences

Why digital success is now predicated on collaboration between marketing and product

Where rule-based targeting ends and machine learning begins

Yaniv Navot eCommerce Fastlane podcast

Dynamic Yield power user and CMO on the nuances, misconceptions, and foundations of personalization

Personalization in financial services – the power and prerequisites

user conversion personalization platform

Choosing the right a/b testing and personalization platform

search discovery

Search Discovery on how experience optimization can kickstart digital transformation

Takeaways from XP Roundtable: Amazon in Times of Crisis

Strategizing for omnichannel personalization at scale

How Lamps Plus is helping customers redesign their homes during quarantine and recovery

RFP Template for Personalization and Experience Optimization

virtual events

Virtual marketing events to attend geared towards COVID-19

recommended reading

Recommended COVID-19 reading – a curated list of the week’s top marketing articles

tips from home

Tips from Home: Marketing strategies from the Dynamic Yield team during COVID-19

Navigating COVID-19 – best practices marketers should adopt during times of crisis

How marketers can manage irregular inventory levels with personalization

The positive stories of brands who are fighting coronavirus with a purpose

personalization framework

Building a personalization framework designed to scale

covid-related podcasts

Tuning in: Marketing podcast episodes for tackling COVID-19

Analysis of 54.2M carts during Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 finds consumers spent more on fewer products

iGaming personalization

How personalization can set iGaming companies free from high CAC

user affinity

One-to-one targeting with affinity-based personalization


Identifying your most valuable customer segments

opportunity cost

The opportunity cost associated with personalization

culture of experimentation

How to create an ongoing culture of experimentation

5 personalization strategies finance marketers can take to the bank

When it’s time to involve an agency in your personalization efforts

How to successfully pitch personalization to your boss

Be my valentine – an eCommerce marketer’s handbook to the most romantic day of the year

How financial brands can set realistic personalization expectations and still see big results

LiveArea’s Douglas Hollinger on educating clients in a new personalization-driven world

intro to personalization

Introduction to website personalization

What’s Happening With Personalization on the Front Lines


Turning Personas into Data-Driven Profiles for Segmentation


The Impact of Popups, Overlays, and Interstitials on SEO

Real-time personalization webinar

10 Ways To Merchandise Trending Products

A New York Sports Fan’s Desperate Plea for Personalization

50 research-backed web personalization statistics

Personalize Like Amazon

The 26-Point Checklist for Closing the Amazon Gap


Segmentation and targeting for anonymous visitors

best eCommerce books

9 Must-Read Books For Every eCommerce Professional

Beating email fatigue with timely personalization

Partner Spotlight: It’s Good to Be LeROI

In the Age of Amazon, Why Isn’t Every Retail Customer Experience Personalized?

Next-Level Personalization Using The Holistic Approach

A Proven Process for Onboarding Marketing Technology

Shopping Cart Abandonment Discovery Tool

Introducing: Shopping Cart Abandonment Use Cases Discovery Tool

Partner Spotlight with BVAccel

Partner Spotlight: The Golden Age of Personalization with BVAccel

The Importance of Open Architecture in Digital Marketing Software

The Importance of an Open Architecture Digital Marketing Software

Partner Spotlight: Beyond Personalization Tech with WiderFunnel

Personalization Now

Personalization: Tomorrow is Now

Personalization Technology: The Build vs. Buy Decision

The Intersection of Insights and Personalization

The Intersection of Insights, Personalization, and Eggs

Centered around personalization: The Farmer’s Dog case study

Unified Marketing Platform vs. Point Solutions: The Ultimate Verdict

Euromonitor International

The Ember Lab (formerly TrendSeeder) on building a retail brand


Full-scale personalization: A Fjällräven case study

Why Personalization is The Key to Capitalizing on What Won’t Change

Incrementality Isn’t Enough: Keeping Pace With Evolving Digital Expectations

Real-Time Personalization: The Gift That Helps Gift Giving

The Secret to Maximizing the Lifetime Value of Your Holiday Shoppers

Santa’s Helpers: Five Strategies for Increasing eCommerce Sales During the Holiday Shopping Season

Santa’s Helpers: 5 eCommerce Strategies for Increasing Sales During the Holidays

8 Quick Wins to Increase eCommerce Holiday Sales

8 Quick Wins to Increase eCommerce Holiday Sales

The Secret to Running Smarter Retargeting Campaigns

The Secret to Running Smarter Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns

9 Must-Haves for Choosing an eCommerce Personalization Solution

eCommerce personalization trends, stats and best practices

Debunking 4 Common Personalization Myths

4 Common Personalization Myths Marketers Need to Stop Believing

6 Powerful Infographics for Publishers

Powerful digital marketing infographics publishers must see

23 Illuminating eCommerce Shopping Behavior Trends and Predictions

personalization team

The Roles & Structure of an Agile Personalization & Optimization Team

The Dialog between Data, Segmentation and Personalization and its Impact on Customer Experience

Understanding the difference between personalization and simple A/B testing

10 Powerful Customer Experience Stats and Insights that You Can’t Ignore

10 Powerful Customer Experience Stats and Insights that You Can’t Ignore

Segmentation that drives personalized experiences

6 personalization trends to watch for

Noah Fleming Interview

Evergreen Book Interview with Noah Fleming

5 Cyber Week Product Pages You Need to Study

Why News Publishers Are Still Getting Personalization Wrong

Marketing Personalization Book Covers

5 Marketing Personalization Books Every Marketer Must Read

7 Black Friday Mistakes to Avoid on Your Ecommerce Site

Personalized Landing Pages: A Recipe for Success

Unlocking growth with personalized landing pages

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