15 Great Quotes That Will Inspire You to Start Optimizing

Brands, leaders, and practitioners from all walks of life see the positive effects of personalization, and many have shared valuable insights about the industry, as well as the notable impact they've witnessed in their own work.

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Optimization and personalization are all around us, from how we shop online to how our favorite playlists are curated. Brands, leaders, and practitioners from all walks of life see the positive effects of personalization, and many have shared valuable insights about the industry, as well as the notable impact they’ve witnessed in their own work. We’ve compiled a collection of quotes that have inspired and validated our day-to-day, and we hope you’ll enjoy enjoy and find them as inspiring as we did!

“Consumers are expecting personalized experiences; they expect that Sephora knows who they are and not just that they recognize them when they are online, but wherever they are interacting with Sephora.”

Mary Beth Laughton, evp of U.S. omnichannel retail at Sephora.

“I am fascinated with the idea of the brand becoming a platform, not just for self-expression, but to create uniquely bespoke products in a one-to-one relationship that helps them feel empowered and strong and able to express.”

John R. Hoke III, Nike’s chief design officer.

“It’s 100 percent about the consumer experience and cultivating inimitable customer experiences. Whether it’s about blending online with the in-store experience or creating new virtual try-on experiences, we want to be best in class.”

Kimberly Saxton, vp of global IT operations and strategy at Estée Lauder Companies.

“Data…allows us to really customize how we talk to customers. That’s going to be a hallmark of where we go next in our marketing, communication strategy and our loyalty strategy.”

Dan Wegiel, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer at Panera Bread.

“Digital personalizations are no longer merely an option, they’re a necessity.”

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money.

“Using AI to enhance education and personalize information flow has enormous potential. Schools can learn a lot from the Netflix model of learning.”

Rob Lipps, EVP at Sonic Foundry.

“If the first 10 years for us was about fixing the consumer experience, the next 10 years is about an equal amount of focus on making sure that the music industry sees the same transformation that the consumer side has seen.”

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek

“Now, with A.I., that means that even mass-market brands can practice ‘market of one.’”

Ian Rogers, chief digital officer at LVMH Moët Hennessy

“When you’re able to partner with key merchants, you’re able to deliver a level of personalization [to consumers].”

Mary Hines, managing director of customer engagement and innovation at Citi.

“The ability to process, monitor and analyze information in real-time so that consumers are provided with contextualized and highly personalized pricing-based offers is a commerce imperative.”

Bill Waid, GM at data analytics firm FICO

“We are now personalizing [the robo advisory experience] based on individual customers [and] how they answer questions. You can see that being fine-tuned and getting to the point of deep personalization. That is the holy grail.”

Ram Subramaniam, President of Brokerage Service at Fidelity.

“While you may be unable to control your users’ mindset, you can anticipate it, and make sure that your UX caters to it.”

Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO of ContentSquare

“Every customer has a highly unique perspective and a personal view on their beauty. We should be able to provide her [with] a lot of tools that are personalized across all channels. That’s our goal, to be able to make her experience better as well as find a perfect fit for her needs.”

Raghu Sagi, Chief Engineering Officer at Sephora.

“Just like restaurants trying to cater to each customer’s individual taste, online retailers should optimize their site to give visitors an immersive, individualized experience.

Albert Liu, Senior Digital Experience Strategist at Corra

“With 5+ experiments that can support it, a customer theory then becomes a key insight.”

Brooks Bell, Founder and CEO of Brooks Bell