Dynamic Yield Grabs a Place on Crain’s 2022 List of Best Places to Work in NYC

Dynamic Yield Grabs a Place on Crain’s 2022 List of Best Places to Work in NYC

Dynamic Yield has been named a Best Place to Work in NYC by Crain’s for a fifth time – highlighting our ability to support employees in the modern hybrid-work environment, intimate work culture, and continuous growth trajectory.

Today, Dynamic Yield was named one of New York City’s Best Places to Work in 2022, representing our fifth year on the famous Crain’s list. 

Founded on the belief that if we hired good people, the company would flourish, I can attest that with every good person hired, more good followed. 

Looking back on years of memories and milestones, our consistent recognition by Crain’s reflects more than just personal bias. In fact, part of the evaluation process includes an independent analysis of the company’s end-to-end employment offering in addition to a robust employee questionnaire (filled out anonymously and at will).

Even in the midst of many significant but exciting changes, including our recent acquisition by Mastercard, the introduction of a new CEO (former CTO, Ori Bauer), and an office move to Mastercard’s New York Tech Hub — the heart of Dynamic Yield has remained the same. 

While we may now operate as part of the Mastercard Data & Services division, Dynamic Yield employees still reap the benefits of a small, agile company while gaining access to extended corporate-level benefits and growth opportunities – an amazing combination for any career-minded professional.

As the approach to work continues to modernize and evolve, we’ve aimed to ensure that Dynamic Yield employees feel comfortable and supported through a culture that recognizes both remote and in-person employees. For example, we recently launched a new learning program and platform that combines ongoing enrichment opportunities, a quarterly team learning event, designated learning time throughout the month, and a personal development budget per employee to use for courses of their choice.

And with the emergence and success of large-scale remote work, we understand that people can and want to work from other locations. To support our employees’ interest in travel and make it more achievable post-pandemic, we’ve started offering the option to “work from anywhere.”

This benefit lets employees work from a location other than their designated office location (in-person/home office) for a few weeks out of the year, which can be taken all at once or intermittently over the calendar year. We’ve also expanded our hiring efforts to include more fully remote employees across the US (in areas outside of New York City), creating a greater diversity of perspectives and talent, helping to shape the trajectory of the company.

Programs like these, combined with trust in our colleagues and consistent opportunities for professional development through engaging and challenging work, contribute to the success and happiness of our team.

“Dynamic Yield has not only allowed me to further hone my skills and take on bigger projects that have contributed to my growth, but also consistently met my expectations when it comes to the layers of support outside of my day-to-day that contribute to my overall happiness at the company,” said Sahil Sharma, Customer Success Team Lead in the US at Dynamic Yield. “It is a special quality and part of why I am so proud to work here.”

Though our presence continues to spread across the country and globe, the value of face-to-face communication and collaboration cannot be understated, which is why we have put a strong focus on hosting team onsites and strengthening the inner-departmental working relationships between colleagues.

Dynamic Yield and Mastercard colleagues celebrating our acquisition at the Tech Hub in Flatiron

The workplace is undergoing a lot of changes and we don’t know what the future holds, but what we can promise is that Dynamic Yield will continue to put our people first, which is a shared tenant of Mastercard’s as well. Congratulations to the entire Dynamic Yield team, we’re honored to call you our colleagues.

If you’re interested in joining the Dynamic Yield team, be sure to check out our open roles here in New York City and beyond.

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