Dynamic Yield Receives 2022 Golden Skillet Award by Skilljar

Dynamic Yield Awarded 2022 Golden Skillet by Skilljar for Innovation in Customer Education

Dynamic Yield has been recognized by Skilljar as a 2022 Golden Skillet Award winner for its personalized and innovative approach to customer education.

At Dynamic Yield, we believe that customer education is critical to the success, engagement, and longevity of our platform users, helping them better understand and find value in the many solutions we offer. That’s why we have put such a strong focus on turning our customers into Dynamic Yield experts who can launch everything from basic to sophisticated personalization campaigns, allowing them to serve amazing, tailored experiences that are on par with the best in the business and generate meaningful results from them.

And just as the right personalization platform can revolutionize a company’s digital experience, the right software can make all the difference for its customer education program. To make sure that we provide the absolute best for Dynamic Yield users, our resources are hosted on the world’s leading customer education software, Skilljar.

Working with other companies such as Tableau, Verizon, U-Haul, Zenefits, and hundreds more, every year, Skilljar hosts Connect, its annual user conference. During the event, top customer education programs are awarded an *actual golden skillet* as part of Skilljar’s Golden Skillet Awards, recognizing those who demonstrated the most innovation, impact, and success.

Excitingly enough, Dynamic Yield was a Golden Skillet recipient, honored for demonstrating innovative thought leadership and industry-wide contributions alongside the likes of Cisco Cloud Security, Pendo, ClickUp, Shopify, DocuSign, and more!

“The Golden Skillet represents the best in customer education. We honor programs that exemplify the relationship between training and business value so that other companies can learn and grow from their success as well.” – Sandi Lin, CEO & Co-Founder of Skilljar

Enhancing our Academy with Skilljar x Dynamic Yield

During the onboarding process with Skilljar, we really wanted to find a way we could go above and beyond to provide the best possible user experience for the Dynamic Yield Academy.

And what better way to do that than by using our own technology?

With the combined power of both tools, we could:

  • Deploy recommendation widgets
  • Target personalized content
  • Serve promotional messaging
  • Run content optimization tests throughout the Academy

This strategic application of our own technology lets us suggest relevant courses and promote timely educational offerings to users, delivering customer education experiences that are personalized, optimized, and synchronized. I couldn’t be more proud of our course content and training programs for garnering this accolade, especially considering that the current instance of the Academy had only been live for one year.

Breaking the fourth wall in customer education

The integration between Dynamic Yield and Skilljar effectively “breaks the fourth wall” – educating our users by using the same technology our courses teach them to use. And in the Customer Education industry, this is considered to be revolutionary. By using our own algorithms and unique engagement techniques within Skilljar, we align the Dynamic Yield customer education experience to our personalization philosophies and technology.

An A/B test of a widget that recommends courses to users on the DY Academy homepage. Within the Experience report for the widget, a breakdown of the data shows the results for New vs. Return Users for both test variations of the widget as well as the control.

When I inherited the Dynamic Yield Academy, one of my key directives was to establish different mediums of educational content offerings. My vision was to enable our users to learn how to use our technology based on their topical interests and in whichever content format best suited their preferences. Whether a user likes to watch demo videos, quick walk-through tutorials, or engage in an immersive, instructor-led training environment – the Academy meets users where they are with a personalized touch.

Since we launched the Skilljar instance of the Academy in 2021, our overall course completion rate across all learners lands in the 60-64% range, which is 10-14% higher than the industry average for virtual learning!

Fueling future customer education with data

Another factor contributing to Dynamic Yield’s recognition as an innovator in customer education is our data-backed program developments. Through a combination of our comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, CRM data, and Skilljar’s native reporting, we can take a more targeted approach to increase learner engagement and content consumption.

For example, we can use the Audience Explorer to ensure that Dynamic Yield campaigns are published on high-traffic pages and run A/B tests in high-impact locations to continuously improve learner outcomes.

A segment with very low pageviews per user is identified using Dynamic Yield’s Audience Explorer. To increase engagement for this audience, an exit-intent overlay is triggered within the Academy, recommending courses to generate an uplift in pageviews.

From recommending algorithm-driven courses to applying funnel-style engagement metrics to better inform targeting and testing priorities (pageviews, click-through rate, etc.) – our unique methods for optimizing the learner experience through personalization have earned the Dynamic Yield Academy a spot among the ranks of Golden Skillet winners as a truly innovative program.

If you’re inspired by our approach to customer education and are interested in joining the Dynamic Yield team, check out our open Customer Education and Success roles!

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