Dynamic Yield awarded 2022 Tech Cares Award by TrustRadius

Dynamic Yield awarded 2022 Tech Cares Award by TrustRadius

Dynamic Yield has been recognized on the 2022 Tech Cares Awards list by TrustRadius for efforts in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This week, we’re thrilled to announce that Dynamic Yield has been awarded a 2022 Tech Cares Award by TrustRadius, one of the most trusted research and review platforms. We’re proud to be recognized as a global leader alongside organizations like Siemens, IBM, Microsoft, Klarna, Typeform, and more.

Representing the third-annual year recognizing companies that have gone the extra mile to prioritize successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for their employees and surrounding communities, the award focuses on:

  • Volunteerism
  • Robust diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs
  • Charitable donations and fundraising
  • Workplace culture, including model support for in-office and remote employees
  • Demonstrable support for environmental sustainability

Dynamic Yield has taken steps to make an impact in these areas throughout our 10 years as a company and will continue to push forward as a force for good with each new year.

Caring for our communities

“Dynamic Yield has earned a 2022 Tech Cares award for demonstrating a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. Dynamic Yield earned this award by providing pro-bono software access, educational resources, and counseling for charities, non-profits, and small minority-owned businesses across the United States.” — Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius 

In the area of volunteerism, we encourage our executive leadership team to incorporate a spirit of giving into team activities. For example, in the Marketing Department’s weeklong onsite in July of 2022, the team set aside time to build care packages for foster children, supporting the local organization Little Flower NY.

Members of the Dynamic Yield marketing team assembling ‘Hero Boxes’ at the New York City office in July 2022.

We also brought two summer interns onto our Customer Success Team from The Knowledge House, an organization that leads digital skills training for underserved youth in the Bronx.

Our focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) includes celebrating our diverse and global team and paying homage to a range of important events, inviting employees to participate in planning to ensure their voices are heard, including:

  • BHM
  • International Women’s Day
  • AAPI Heritage Month
  • Pride Month
  • Holocaust Memorial Day

A portion of our event budget supports different local businesses — examples include catering Pride events from an LGBTQ+-owned business and gifting AAPI Heritage Month prizes from the Made in Chinatown shop.

Our efforts also include mentorship programs for minorities to support their job search and first steps in the industry, and we’ve implemented training for our employees, called Working in a Cross-Cultural Environment, to help them become more aware of the nuances across our diverse, global customer and employee base.

Supporting our employees in the new era of work

And with the emergence and success of large-scale remote work, we understand that people can and want to work from other locations. To support our employees’ interest in travel and make it more achievable post-pandemic, we’ve started offering the option to “work from anywhere.” This benefit lets employees work from a location other than their designated office location (in-person/home office) for a few weeks out of the year, and can be taken all at once or intermittently over the calendar year.

This comes with a $500 (net) work-from-home (WFH) bonus for every new employee to spend on the items of their choosing. The main goal is to provide them with the flexibility they need to create the most comfortable remote work environment possible and ensure they feel supported no matter where they are located.

On top of vacation and sick days, Dynamic Yield offers personal days to use at any time, a benefit already available to US employees that will be rolled out globally in 2023. We’ve also blocked out employees’ calendars for a half day every two weeks for Learning and Development time, and they can opt into courses with a yearly stipend over the platform Juno to further their professional development.

Celebrating and recognizing our team

Recognition of our team members and the great work they are doing is integral to the DY culture, and to the continued success of our team. For that reason, we have implemented recognition-centric programs.

These include:

  • Systems by which managers can recognize their direct reports and employees can recognize their colleagues for exceptional work with e-gift cards and personal words of appreciation
  • A Peer-to-Peer Appreciation Slack Channel where team members can share their recognition of a particular employee with the rest of the team, encouraging a culture of ongoing support and appreciation

Appreciation messages like this help to highlight the collaboration, recognition, and interconnectivity of our team members across our global teams.

We are especially proud to receive this award as it goes beyond our product and service offering, and highlights our efforts to enable our team members and local communities to live in a more sustainable and equitable world.

If you’re interested in joining the Dynamic Yield team, be sure to check out our open roles here!

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