The 26-Point Checklist for Closing the Amazon Gap

The following checklist will help you audit and determine how well you are stacking up to Amazon when it comes to delivering personalized customer experiences.

Director of Marketing, Dynamic Yield

Personalization is a critical part of Amazon’s success.

In his 1997 letter to Amazon shareholders, Bezos wrote:

“Today, online commerce saves customers money and precious time. Tomorrow, through personalization, online commerce will accelerate the very process of discovery.”

To this end, Bezos has delivered. Amazon has entirely shifted the paradigm in which we shop and re-defined customer expectations, forcing companies of all sizes to raise their game and in many cases, come in at price points that are a little friendlier to the end user.

But in an increasingly commoditized world where Amazon can deliver goods in less than an hour, personalization has become the best way to build brand equity and win hearts and minds online.

Using the checklist below, discover the essential personalization strategies necessary to close the Amazon gap and deliver customer experiences that your customers actually enjoy.

And if you’re looking for more Amazon content, here’s our free book about Amazon, titled The Chronicles of a Personalization Giant,” an original research project detailing how the eCommerce titan is leveraging personalization to drive ROI across web, mobile, and email.


26 Questions to Help You Personalize Like Amazon



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Behavioral Messaging


Personalization is now table stakes in retail. By focusing on the 26 questions above, ensure you are on par with Amazon when it comes to delivering the best customer experience.