3 Keys To Addressing Today’s Retail Personalization Gap (Free Report)

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of retailers consider personalization a top-three priority within their business strategies, but only 15% admit to being fully implemented with personalization initiatives. This represents a major disconnect, and it’s one that shoppers feel strongly, particularly in brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, 49% of U.S. consumers say they “never” or only “sometimes” receive personalized service while they’re in a store. 

Though the lack of personalization in stores remains a particular pain point for retailers, for those who can implement effective personalization initiatives, the payoff is


This free report delves into how retailers can address some of the ways personalization still falls short of consumer expectations. 

Download this free report and you’ll learn:

  • The Three Foundational Elements of Personalization
  • 5 Advantages of a Unified Personalization Stack
  • How BILD Shop Achieved Major Uplift in ARPU
  • Why the Time for Personalization is Now 

And if you’re interested in learning how more companies are improving revenue, increasing conversions, and reducing cart abandonments, download our eBook on The ROI of Personalization.

3 Keys To Addressing Today’s Retail Personalization Gap (Free Report)
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