5 Killer Conversion Optimization Presentations of 2014

With so much conversion optimization advice, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. These five KILLER conversion optimization presentations cut through the clutter.

Conversion optimization is an art and science. With so much advice thrown around, it’s easy to get lost in the data. To cut through the clutter, check out these five KILLER conversion rate presentations we absolutely LOVED:

Featuring great examples of how the physiology of the human eye impacts design.

Illustrating how data is only as good as its interpretation.

Offering a both high-level insights into the CRO process and before vs. after designs for CRO.

Presenting a 2014 snapshot of industry-wide CRO practices.

Great CRO tips with specific relevance to e-Commerce.

Even the best advice is missing one critical component: your unique business requirements. When you’re ready to take conversion optimization to the next level in your marketing initiatives, remember to test and improve one element at a time. Learn to apply expert advice by adjusting insights to your industry and business model.