5 Marketing Personalization Books Every Marketer Must Read

Published this year, each of these books offers a unique approach to the new paradigm shift in personalization.

Creating a powerful emotional connection with your customers has always been the key to success. It’s also one of the toughest challenges to tackle. Make that connection, and your customers will feel mysteriously drawn to you. Consumers are sharing information on such an unprecedented scale, that personalization has become the single most transformative tool in the marketing toolbox. In order to thrive in a rapidly evolving business culture, the leaders will be those who adopt both personalization technologies and best practices. This means challenging the status quo to keep up with your customers.

We picked out five marketing personalization books that do just that. Published this year, each of these books offers a unique approach to the new paradigm shift in personalization. Put these insights to work in your business, and you’ll be well on your way to connecting with your customers on a level that will baffle your competition:

Buyer LegendsBuyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller’s Guide
by Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg, and Anthony Garcia
Published October 20th
Bridge the gap between the stories your customers tell and the data they share
Evergreen Customer LoyaltyEverGreen: Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty that Keeps Your Business Thriving
by Noah Fleming
Published December 7th
Learn how to nurture your existing customer base to build an “Evergreen” business
Customer's New VoiceCustomer’s New Voice: Extreme Relevancy and Experience through Volunteered Customer Information
by John McKean 
Published September 12th
Listen to and capitalize on your customer’s new voice emerging from the hyper-connected, sharing economy
Recommend This!Recommend This!: Delivery Digital Experiences People Want to Share
by Jason Thibeau and Kirby Wadsworth
Published January 21st
Connect on a fundamental human level by integrating storytelling with personalized content
Journal Stories of PersonalizationJournal – Stories of Personalization
By David Wilkes
Published May 2nd
Discover how the same (true) personalization story repeats itself over and over again in this insightful collection

Wherever you are on your personalization journey, commit to implementing at least one strategy from each book you read. And most important – track, test, and optimize your results!

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