A Satisfied Customer is the Best Advertisement

A Satisfied Customer is the Best Advertisement

Dynamic Yield hosted its first "Rise & Dine" in Europe and the customers were the stars of the show.

The business author Michael LeBoeuf famously said, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” And on December 8th, we saw that aphorism come to life at Dynamic Yield’s “Rise & Dine” breakfast series held in Berlin.

There were representatives from twenty-three different companies at the morning powwow and most of them were already satisfied DY clients. They were there to learn about the new products and shmooze about the challenges of mobile retail. (In 2016, it was always about the mobile conversion gap.)

Anoop Vasisht, Dynamic Yield’s General Manager in Europe, spent a lot of time reviewing the platform’s newest bells and whistles, such as NPS, cross-device personalization, and the floating shopping cart. Our customers were pleased to have the opportunity to review the latest features and their applications with senior Dynamic Yield staff.

But an interesting thing happened when prospects asked questions about the technology — our customers took the lead to answer them. One prospect wondered if a platform was necessary since many personalization tasks could be performed singly, without the use of a platform. One of our satisfied customers jumped into respond. Even if you could do it on your own without having a platform, he asked, why would you when there is a platform that has everything in one integrated platform? Why wouldn’t you want all of your data and insights in one place instead of siloed?

We, of course, could’ve said the same thing but it was more persuasive coming from a client who uses our platform and has nothing to gain from vouching for it. (No, we didn’t place paid ringers in the crowd.) The clients are our best, most effective cheerleaders. And we sincerely appreciate them for all of their feedback.

Speaking of feedback, our customers were particularly excited about our upgraded cross-device personalization. Previously, DY could only ensure consistency between mobile web and desktop but now apps part of the omnichannel consistency equation. The clients really appreciated this innovation.

They were also excited about using Facebook messenger for customer support and demonstrated their enthusiasm for the floating shopping cart, which is a more engaging reminder to consumers that they have items in their cart and should convert.

Our clients also shared the problems they hope to be able to address in the future, such as connecting the offline to the online, in order to be able to connect the customer who walks into the brick-and-mortar store to what he purchased on the web. One customer wanted to better understand how people are arriving at their site especially since their company recently started investing in TV advertising and wanted to understand its impact.

“The Berlin breakfast event was great for both our customers and DY,” Vasisht said. “For our customers, they were able to better understand the progress we’ve made on mobile web. And for us, it was a great opportunity to listen to our clients and hear about their unique needs and expectations so we can better serve them in the future.”

Between sharing their needs, suggesting innovations, and vouching for the platform, “Rise & Dine” showed us that Dynamic Yield’s most important resource are our customers.

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