The only book about Amazon’s personalization secrets

The only book about Amazon's personalization secrets

The only book about Amazon's personalization secrets, designed to arm marketers with tips, strategies, and use cases necessary to start closing the gap.

With a grip on half of the U.S. eCommerce market, online shopping has practically become synonymous with Amazon, Inc. The giant has become a one-stop-shop for any product a person’s heart desires and is rapidly expanding its reach into streaming, voice, groceries, and even wearables. And while endless variables have contributed to the company’s dramatic rise, its personalization efforts have indisputably played an integral role. From product discovery to checkout optimization, the digital pioneer has its customer experience down to an intricate science — one it’s constantly iterating upon.

It’s no secret brands must follow suit, with 90% of organizations attributing personalization as the source of increased business profitability. But it takes more than just the right technology to match Amazon’s success; it takes strategic focus and a will to experiment. Outdated strategies won’t cut it in this rapidly shifting, customer-centric space. To keep up with the best of them, online retailers need to first understand what industry leaders such as our favorite eCommerce giant are doing to drive results.

Using Amazon’s experience in personalizing for hundreds of millions of people across the globe can be a valuable first step toward capturing a viable stake of the eCommerce market. From how the homepage looks the moment a user arrives on-site to the confirmation email received after a purchase is made, endless elements of a site can (and should) be personalized – a strategy true not only in website interactions but also across touchpoints.

To unbox Amazon’s approach, we asked ourselves:

  • What types of recommendation strategies are employed?
  • How are customers upsold after completing a purchase?
  • How do Amazon personalize the homepage for different segments?
  • What is the cross-device experience?

The Chronicles of a Personalization Giant is the result of endless hours spent unearthing and deconstructing all of this and more, to deliver a first-of-its-kind book about Amazon.

What readers can expect to take away:

  • Knowledge of Amazon’s historical approach to personalization
  • Both Amazon’s strengths and shortcomings in implementation
  • A break down of the purpose and methodology behind different strategies
  • Insights on how different use cases vary across channels and devices
Amazon book preview Amazon book preview

To top it all off, we’ve also compiled an anthology of use cases teams can reference during their own journey toward personalization success. This exclusive book about Amazon’s personalization secrets is available for download as a regular PDF in our resource center, and a hardcover and Kindle version is now available for purchase in the Amazon store.

It’s a race to the top, and those looking to bite off a bigger piece of the pie need to invest in smart strategies that will elevate the customer experience to that of a giant’s.

Don’t wait another minute – grab a copy of your choosing to start closing the Amazon gap today.

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