Dynamic Yield Named One of Analytics Insight’s Most Innovative Companies in Machine Learning

We're proud to be listed as one of the '10 Most Innovative Companies in Machine Learning 2018' by Analytics Insight.

Content Manager, Dynamic Yield

We’re excited to announce that Dynamic Yield was listed as one of the ’10 Most Innovative Companies in Machine Learning 2018′ by Analytics Insights, a digital platform dedicated to insights, trends, and reports covering data-driven tech from around the world.

Analytics Insight set out to identify how machine learning is expanding boundaries across industries, from medicine to automation and enterprise computing. This comprehensive list spotlights disruptive innovations in machine learning in order to showcase how this transformative technology is the future of economic growth.

The rate of innovation in machine learning has been staggering, and what appeared far-fetched a few years ago has become the gold standard today. The selected companies play a pivotal role in advancing and transforming the machine learning-driven landscape, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase how brands can drive ROI by personalizing every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Dynamic Yield’s AI-powered personalization engine works to create the optimal customer experience by automatically tailoring an interaction with a user based on their past activity or behavior, as well as by leveraging real-time signals. Our end-to-end platform is powered by data and is continuously evolving to meet the unique needs of this rapidly shifting landscape.

“We don’t believe machines are going to completely replace humans in marketing, but they will provide tremendous support, allowing marketers to make smarter, data-driven decisions and deliver the best experiences for their customers — at scale.” – Omri Mendellevich, CTO and Co-Founder, Dynamic Yield

To read Dynamic Yield’s entire profile and learn how the platform came to fruition, visit Analytics Insight for a full round-up, or check out our spread below.