APMEX turns personalization into gold (Case Study)

APMEX turns personalization into gold (Case Study)

Learn how the precious metals retailer, APMEX, personalized experiences for its extremely diverse customer base, resulting in double-digit growth with Dynamic Yield.


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My name is Andy Mueller. I’m the Director of Digital Analytics at APMEX.com. APMEX.com is one of the world’s largest online providers of gold and silver investment and collectible products.

My day-to-day job there is to look at all the digital data coming in from our acquisition, retention, email, and conversion re-optimization efforts. We came alongside Dynamic Yield last year with the hopes to totally revamp major portions of our site, so we really can’t separate some of the major site redesigns we’ve done from our work with Dynamic Yield. We launched a completely new homepage, really with Dynamic Yield in mind, really focusing on assortment, focusing on putting our products forward, and personalizing those products to what ultimately is our number one landing page, which is our homepage. Constantly tweaking that. constantly tweaking the kinds of banners we’re running and the kinds of products and targeting we’re running on our home page. That’s ultimately been our biggest success.

At a high level, we use Dynamic Yield to segment our user base, to really try to figure out what are the motivations of the traffic, how qualified is the traffic, and really more importantly how qualified is that traffic for a given branch of our products assortment. And we’re doing that on the website. We’re translating that over to email using the same exact targeting and the same exact methodology. We’ve recently launched an entire new page that is strictly a large product-centric on sale page. It’s completely driven by Dynamic Yield and completely customizable. And through that we’ve seen double-digit growth and conversion based on our control mechanism. So really really promising to see what can happen when you really just let Dynamic Yield take over an entire page.

We’ve also been really excited with the way we’ve been able to integrate Dynamic Yield with some other perhaps less sophisticated channels of marketing. So we definitely make full use of our ability to inject Dynamic Content into our emails and we love the fact that we can target someone with an email send, inject personalized products to that person in that email in context with that offer, have them click through and really have the same experience.

We’ve seen double-digit increases in our email conversion rates once we get them to the site. And we attribute a lot of that to the fact that it’s cohesive. What they see in the email, that promotion, that effort, and if they get the click, if they do click through we’re seeing them convert at a much higher rate. And we’re seeing a lot of our financial metrics improve between five and seven percent when it comes to conversion rate and average order value.

With more than 10,000 items in stock and $14 billion in transactions, the stakes for delivering high-quality digital experiences are high for precious metals retailer, APMEX.

APMEX, ranked the #1 specialty retailer by Internet Retailer Magazine, desired to be seen as best in class when it comes to eCommerce experiences.

Resonating well in the niche market with an extremely diverse customer base can be challenging, and APMEX needed a sophisticated tool, as well as a sophisticated understanding of its users, to effectively deploy personalized digital experiences.

To better serve its site visitors, APMEX was looking for a solution that would:

  • Integrate easily and effectively with current technologies including CRM
  • Analyze and identify high-value segments in real time for experience-tailoring
  • Optimize product discovery for a vast assortment of SKUs based on traffic quality

After leveraging Dynamic Yield’s robust personalization platform, APMEX was able to personalize the customer journey, from the first touchpoint to the last, resulting in a 2X uplift in its conversion rate, as well as a 5-7% uplift in revenue per session.

Download the case study to learn how to:

  • Onboard 3rd party data from various sources for deep customer analysis
  • Apply robust logic for persona-based segmentation
  • Continuously optimize and personalize every homepage banner
  • Target visitors with personalized product recommendations
  • Leverage data and strategies from mobile/desktop for email

To find out how Dynamic Yield can help you achieve your personalization goals, schedule a demo request with an expert from our team.

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