BILD Personalizes the Entire Fan Journey (Case Study)

BILD Personalizes the Entire Fan Journey (Case Study)

Learn how German online retailer BILD Shop increased conversions, revenue-per-user and mobile engagement with Dynamic Yield, achieving a 5x ROI.

With their signature flair on the counterattack, precise passing, and extensive trophy case, Die Mannschaft is unanimously revered throughout Germany. However, the heated rivalries of the Bundesliga have been known to cause more than a few civil scuffles and spilled mugs, turning German fans against their countrymen. Just the sight of Borussia Dortmund’s iconic black and yellow stripes can trigger a palpable sickness in the gut of a Bayern supporter.

Given the intense passion that fans feel for their team, leading German sports retailer BILD Shop sought to craft website experiences that put a user’s favorite club front and center. Furthermore, once BILD knew which teams to prominently display, they needed a way to serve automated recommendations to boost cross-sell and upsell among loyal buyers. Finally, BILD noticed that they were missing a valuable opportunity to convert latent users as many folks spent lots of time browsing their favorite team’s gear but left without completing a purchase.

Using Dynamic Yield, BILD onboarded 3rd party data, personalized their homepage based on team loyalty, served individualized recommendations and deployed behaviorally targeted messaging across devices. Ultimately, BILD realized a 5X ROI from a single use case while also driving major uplifts in conversion rate, CTR, and revenue per user.

Download the case study to learn:

  • How BILD crafted unique experiences designed around a user’s favorite football club
  • How Dynamic Yield automatically deployed the most relevant recommendation strategy for each user
  • How BILD served timely behavioral messages to engage and convert latent users
  • How Dynamic Yield enabled BILD to craft experiences optimized for the limited real estate on a mobile device

Download BILD Case Study

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