Bring Your Own Logic Into Experience OS

Bring your own logic into Dynamic Yield's Experience OS

Leverage your own in-house expertise alongside Dynamic Yield's advanced recommendation and personalization capabilities.

Dynamic Yield customers rely on Experience OS to power digital experiences that are personalized, optimized, and synchronized across channels. Advanced capabilities like automatic deduping, custom merchandising rules, automatic exclusion of out of stock products, and our deep learning recommendation system, AdaptML™ – which predicts the next best series of products to each shopper – are essential tools that give marketers a significant competitive edge.

Sometimes, however, our customer’s in-house brand and data science teams have their own expertise that they’d like to incorporate into their website personalization strategy. Now, with Bring your own logic (BYOL), marketers can leverage their own in-house expertise alongside the advanced recommendation and personalization capabilities they know and love in Experience OS.

What is Bring your own logic (BYOL)?

BYOL is a capability that enables marketers to onboard their own unique business models into Experience OS, and still use all of Dynamic Yield’s market-leading recommendation engine capabilities.

Dynamic Yield is agnostic to the source of your model – it can be a result of an in-house taste-maker, merchandiser, or any framework your data science team is working with. More simply, it can ingest any product-to-product logic.

To use it, marketers can upload their logic as a contextual list into Experience OS and the model will populate as an algorithm in the dropdown menu for Recommendation Strategies. Once selected, marketers can use their own logic just as they would with any other strategy, applying merchandising rules, testing it against other algorithms, using it with any out-of-the-box templates, and more.

What kind of experiences can BYOL power?

BYOL offers marketers the power to upload any in-house formula, product combination, or “lookbook” into Experience OS to create a nearly endless array of possibilities. Some experiences we’ve seen our customers deliver with BYOL include:

Increase AOV with out-of-the-box templates to power engaging “Shop the Look” experiences 

Dynamic Yield offers a full library of out-of-the-box templates that make it easy to build high-impact use cases quickly. With BYOL, marketers can upload their “shop the look” algorithm into Experience OS and deliver it through one of these templates to increase average order value and provide a differentiated shopping experience.

Maximize discovery by serving your in-house strategy alongside other recommendation widgets

Marketers can combine multiple recommendation widgets on the same page (e.g. one of their own logic, and one or more of Dynamic Yield’s strategies) to facilitate product discovery. As a bonus, marketers can leverage Dynamic Yield’s advanced product recommendation capabilities like automatic deduping, real-time filters (which can be used to power experiences like free shipping thresholds), automatic exclusion of out-of-stock products, custom merchandising rules, A/B testing, and more across all of the widgets, including the ones powered by their own logic.

BYOL: The latest capability that enables AI to become an extension of human expertise 

Recognizing the importance of AI and machine learning to the future of personalization, Dynamic Yield invests heavily in research, development, and product innovation of AdaptML, a  self-training deep learning system that adapts the digital experience individually to each user by extrapolating buying intent from customer data and predicting products they may be interested in.

AI is an incredible tool to predict behavior and personalize experiences, but the most strategic and successful programs understand that AI should always be an extension of internal human expertise. We believe that, in some cases, an algorithm will perform better when it is adjusted and enhanced with human decisions on top of it and BYOL is the latest capability we offer to enable marketers to do just that.

If you are a Dynamic Yield customer interested in Bring Your Own Logic, please contact your Customer Success Manager. And read our Knowledge Base article for step-by-step instructions into how it works.

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