Celebrating the customers and partners setting the standard for personalization excellence

Celebrating the customers and partners setting the standard for personalization excellence

In our inaugural Personalization Awards program, we are celebrating eight brands and partners taking customer experiences to the next level.

Over the last decade, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to work with hundreds of leading global brands and exceptional partners, each of whom has played a large and invaluable role in the Dynamic Yield story. The innovative use cases they’ve developed and new implementations they’ve brought to life help us reimagine personalization and the business growth it enables.

Just weeks ago, we announced that we were once again named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines – an amazing achievement that is only made possible thanks to the collaboration we have with our esteemed customers and partners who use the platform day in and day out and share valuable feedback. And over the years, we’ve wanted to find a special way to honor a select cohort of organizations in a major way – recognizing the exceptional programs and experiences they have built using Dynamic Yield.

Today, I’m excited to share the manifestation of this vision: The 2021 Dynamic Yield Personalization Awards, celebrating brands and partners across the globe who are setting the gold standard for personalization and digital experience creation.

The Awards Program

In its inaugural year, the Personalization Awards celebrate the creativity, accomplishments, and achievements of teams in Dynamic Yield’s global network of 350+ brands and partners. The winners are broken down into the following three categories:

  • The Personalization Expert Award, given to brands who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and create real value with personalization.
  • The Personalization Innovator Award, recognizing customers who find new ways to tap into the Dynamic Yield platform and build exciting use cases.
  • The Partner Excellence Award, celebrating organizations that exemplify true collaboration and provide exceptional support and guidance for mutual customers.

This past spring, our Customer Success team evaluated all members of our customer base, analyzing and assessing the programs and use cases they’ve built over the past year. Shortlist criteria depended on two core areas: expertise and use case innovation. This list was then reviewed by a cross-department panel, who also evaluated our entire partner network to identify organizations that are both model collaborators and true, personalization experts. The result of this evaluation process is this year’s winners: six customers and two partners who sit at the forefront of personalized experience delivery.

The Winners

Below, get a quick rundown on each of this year’s award recipients, as well as the programs and use cases they’ve built to take digital experiences to the next level.

Personalization Expert Winners

Sephora SEA
With a belief that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beauty retail giant makes data-driven decisions to create a number of appealing, cross-channel digital experiences tailored to each individual shopper. A/B testing to perfection, the team at Sephora optimizes experiences to suit the device a user is browsing on, their needs, affinities, and preferences.

Pets Place
Building deep, personal relationships with pet owners is at the core of the Pets Place mission, which is why its team is consistently focused on tailoring content and shopping experiences for its users. Using recommendations and sophisticated audience strategies to facilitate product discovery, the team at the Netherlands’ largest pet food retailer also embraces data to identify intent and power personalized experiences.

Stella & Dot
Boutique-style accessories company Stella & Dot, with its network of eCommerce brands and women ambassadors, understands the power of customer-centricity and has established a sophisticated segmentation strategy to better connect with its core audiences. By tailoring tests, messaging, and experiences across its site and micro-sites, the team is able to identify and cater to users’ on-site needs and objectives.

stella & dot award use case

Personalization Innovator Winners

Luxury fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA was one of the first Italian companies to embrace online retail, and today, the team pushes the boundaries of what it means to connect digitally with consumers. With an extensive social media influencer network, the retailer taps into referral traffic data to personalize rewards, offers, recommendations, and more on-site based on shopper’s individual behavior and the style of the influencers they engage with.

The Warehouse Group
Home to six sub-brands and over 250+ brick-and-mortar shops, the savvy folks at The Warehouse Group are dedicated to always putting the customer first. From its use of deep learning-based recommendations to a series of comprehensive checkout and UX tests, the team is consistently finding new ways to surface the most relevant products to each shopper in real-time.

Understanding that individuals have various skin care goals and needs, StriVectin taps into personalization to not just surface relevant products but customize a full skin care regimen based on each shoppers’ skin type and objectives. The team developed a dynamic skin quiz, layering Dynamic Yield’s recommendation API atop it, to match users to the perfect products.

StriVectin award use case

Partner Excellence Winners

With an all-star Customer Success team dedicated to helping brands achieve their personalization goals, Russia-based technology consultancy Stellar has been building an impressive program that pushes the boundaries of customer experience delivery, making them esteemed and valued collaborators.

Blue Acorn iCi
Digital agency Blue Acorn iCi is backed by a team of strategic and technical eCommerce experts who are up for any challenge. Prioritizing digital transformation at all costs, the organization develops personalization programs designed to ensure short- and long-term success for mutual clients, working alongside our own team every step of the way.

A hearty congratulations to all

This year’s winners have stepped up to the plate in remarkable ways over the past year, personalizing to perfection, thinking bigger and better, and building sophisticated programs that prioritize bringing exceptional customer experiences to life for every end-user. We’re thrilled to collaborate with so many leading global brands and partners, each of whom believes in and sees the real value of personalization daily, and these eight organizations represent just a tiny fraction of the exceptional work our organization witnesses daily in our network. We’re so proud and honored to support and stand alongside each of these businesses, and I can’t wait to see the amazing achievements our wider community will accomplish in the coming year.

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