Bring conversational commerce to life with chatbot-based product recommendation templates

Bring conversational commerce to life with chatbot-based product recommendation templates

Dynamic Yield’s out-of-the-box templates now include two fully customizable conversational experiences to facilitate product discovery.

Projected global spending facilitated by conversational commerce channels will reach $290 billion by 2025. It makes sense, as customers expect seamless and personalized digital experiences catered to their individual needs, and conversational experiences provide an efficient and personal way to communicate with them throughout the buying journey.

To make it easier for marketers to capture attention and engage users through a personalized chat-like interface, we’ve introduced a few new experiences to Dynamic Yield’s out-of-the-box template library.

Below, learn more about how your team can use them to understand customer preferences and suggest relevant products in an innovative and experiential way.

Capitalizing on chatbot marketing with Dynamic Yield’s conversational commerce recommendation templates

Able to interact with site visitors through a messaging interface on any digital channel, our product recommendation chatbots prompt users to provide information about their preferences and evolving affinities, from style to color, size, price range, and beyond to suggest the most relevant and personalized items according to their direct inputs.

The conversational recommendations template doubles as an eCommerce chatbot, guiding customers through an intuitive shopping journey with interactive content that leads from the point of entry on your site to the point of purchase, all while organically collecting customer preferences.

The chatbot recommendations template leads customers down a predetermined path that makes it easy for customers to interact and self-report their affinities, simplifying the product discovery process without the need to navigate your entire website.

conversational commerce examples of ecommerce chatbots and chatbot marketing recommendations From left to right, Dynamic Yield’s Chatbot Recommendations template and Conversational Recommendations template.

Similar to our Product Finder template, which utilizes guided selling but through a quiz-style experience, these chatbot templates excel at expediting the product discovery process via brief conversational sequences.

In just a few clicks, customers receive tailored recommendations, with the ability to completely control and customize the conversation’s script.

By encouraging self-segmentation, chatbots deepen the understanding of each customer’s affinity, developing their affinity profiles and allowing marketers to personalize further across the entire site. With enhanced context for each site visitor, marketers can say the right thing at the right time, building trust and credibility that leads to increased conversion rates.

Leaving the art of conversation to the marketer

Both the Chatbot Recommendations and Conversational Recommendations templates provide an easy way to execute chat-like experiences without using AI, giving you full control over the conversational pathways. Unlike AI-powered chatbots, where NLP (native language processing) simulates human conversations, these templates are pre-scripted by marketers who set and define the conversational flow. This ensures the UI of the AI chatbot is maintained while providing individualized product recommendations according to customer affinity without the possibility of going off-topic.

Invite your customers to the conversation with eCommerce chatbots

Simon Kahn, VP of Marketing at Google, predicts, “Gone are the days when brands control — and consumers receive — the message. Consumers of today want conversation and co-creation.” 

With expectations for conversational communication and product discovery, it shouldn’t be a challenge for brands to keep up, so we’ve made our templates easy to edit, customize, and deploy on any digital channel. By listening to consumers on how they want to be interacted with, brands will develop stronger relationships with consumers and ultimately see increased customer longevity and brand loyalty.

If you’re a Dynamic Yield customer, log into the platform or talk to your Customer Success Manager about taking advantage of these conversational commerce templates today!

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