Tuning in: Marketing podcast episodes for tackling COVID-19

We've rounded up a dozen podcast episodes that offer tips and strategies for marketers facing new challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Marketing Resources

Last updated: May 11th, 2020

For brands – both large and small – COVID-19 represents a time of both volatility and uncertainty. In light of the global pandemic, teams are being forced to think on the fly and alter long-term plans to better serve in-the-moment needs.

In some industries, this may mean tightening budgets as a result of lost sales opportunities, while for others, finding solutions to manage a sudden influx of business. As a result, many are seeking out resources and ideas for managing digital stores (some for the first time), ways to stretch marketing dollars and budgets, and inspiration from business leaders that have tackled adversity in the past.

And with a large portion of the workforce now working remotely, podcasts have become an increasingly convenient source of information. So I sought out, listened to, and compiled nearly a dozen of the best marketing podcast episodes focused specifically on how to handle the coronavirus crisis.

Here are a few of the most important themes and suggestions that stood out:

  • Organizations cannot stop investing in their brand, from content and communications to testing strategies and merchandising
  • Brands are adjusting their tone to suit the general climate, putting out more positive, relevant messaging and delaying content that doesn’t address pressing concerns
  • From fundraising and promotions to free shipping, companies are finding creative ways to offer support to both their communities and their customers
  • Brands are focusing on their core values, leaning on them to resonate authentically with their audience
  • Marketers are collaborating and experimenting within their organizations to discover innovative ways to react, respond, and recoup
  • Organizations need to plan ahead and think creatively about the path to recovery

To save you some time and energy, I’ve also created a Spotify playlist of all of the podcast episodes featured in this post, below.

1. Protecting Your Business During The Coronavirus (The Science of Marketing – Business Building, Ecommerce & Lead Generation)

The Science of Marketing looks to uncover online marketing strategies based on real brand stories to provide listeners with practical strategies that will work for their businesses. This episode takes a unique approach, advising marketers to use a research-based approach toward business prepping, identifying creative ways to market a brand during this unpredictable time period, and ways to unlock value for customers as they continue to adapt to short-term lifestyle changes.

2. Instagram vs. Reality Coronavirus: How Social Media Handles Pandemics (Business Casual)

Every week, Kinsey Grant, business editor at Morning Brew, chats with experts, thought leaders, and CEOs, each of whom shares their perspective on the ever-changing business landscape. In this episode, Bloomberg social media reporter Sarah Frier shares her take on how Big Tech executives are navigating the coronavirus pandemic during a period where more consumers are turning to social platforms to maintain human connection.

3. More PPC advertisers pause campaigns amid coronavirus upheaval (SEO Podcast)

The most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing shares best practices for SEO efforts, helping listeners refine and expand their skills. In this episode hosts Matt Bertram and Chris Burres share tips for eCommerce brands looking to adjust their SEO and marketing strategies in the short-term in light of COVID-19, as well as different ways brands can stay top-of-mind with their customers to continue delivering meaningful customer experiences.

4. Marketing and Sales Strategies in the Time of Coronavirus (The Product Boss Product)

Each week, the hosts of The Product Boss Podcast share tips and tricks on how to grow product sales, scale your business, and tackle product-specific challenges. This episode, Jacqueline and Minna share ways to adapt marketing and seller plans during this period of social distancing, emphasizing the importance of understanding your customers’ wants, fears, needs, and desires now more than ever.

5. Marketing in the Coronavirus Pandemic (Radical Marketing Podcast)

In Radical Marketing Podcast, Ryan Alford, CEO of digital agency Radical Company, shares tips, trends, and stories from influential marketers and entrepreneurs across the U.S. In this episode, he tackles the various questions and worries brands have in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, how it will affect both individual businesses and the general economy, and ways brands should be adjusting their marketing plans to tackle this ongoing crisis.

6. Social Media Management in the Times of Crisis (The Science of Social Media)

From social media management software company Buffer, The Science of Social Media is a podcast for all of the social media marketers out there. Sharing insights, stories, and experimentation methods, this episode focuses on how to approach social media management during the coming weeks and months and how to approach the unprecedented, ever-changing challenges.

7. Marketing In The Age of COVID-19 (The Marketing Careers Podcast)

With a mission to connect and create opportunities for anyone seeking out or developing a marketing career, this podcast tackles common questions, sharing tips for success and covering topics to help marketers advance and develop further in their roles. In this episode, learn how marketers are facing the growing public health crisis, best practices for communications, and why being cognizant of global health messages in marketing messages is essential for recovering lost sales.

8. Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy For COVID-19 (20-Minute Marketing)

20-Minute Marketing is the podcast for marketers short on time and on the go, covering a range of topics, including SEO, PPC, social, branding, content and more. In this episode, Stephen Kenwright, co-founder and Technical Director at Rise at Seven (a creative SEO agency), shares what he’s learned from fellow marketers and their plans for COVID-19, as well as how to cut waste and keep the lights on to survive this period of uncertainty.

9. Covid-19 – Marketing in Uncertain Times (Business, Marketing & Other Musings: A Danica VC Media Podcast)

In her podcast, Danica Vince Cruz, founder of Danica VC Media, shares marketing insights, strategies, and interviews with business leaders. In this episode, she focuses on the positive spins for COVID-19 brands are taking on social media, new platforms companies should start experimenting with to better reach consumers, ways organizations can deal with any crisis, and the methodology behind developing trust to maintain customer loyalty.

10. Brand Marketing and Media in a World with COVID-19 (Strategy Update: COVID-19 Business Playbook)

This special podcast from MouthMedia Network is a new series specifically focused on marketing during this global pandemic, with every episode focused on a unique challenge, such as how the pandemic will impact business, how to manage a rapidly changing supply chain, and how to face the crisis head-on while staying afloat. This particular episode includes an interview with Jason Schulweis, SVP and Head of Brand Partnerships and Integrated Marketing for Morning Brew, who shares his perspective on changing media and marketing trends in light of the coronavirus, how marketers can authentically connect with consumers, and the importance of brand purpose in the face of this new reality.

11. How to Market & Sell Ethically in Times of Crisis (Marketing with Moxie)

Marketing with Moxie is a podcast for small businesses, marketers, and salespeople looking to stay on top of changing trends and in-tune with digital marketing strategies. In this episode, learn how your company can tweak its brand strategy to adjust to the current climate and hear how other brands have been making changes as they face adversity, without compromising their brand’s values and ethos.

12. eCommerce in the Age of Coronavirus (Firewall)

Every week, venture capitalist Bradley Tusk, interviews investors, policymakers, and entrepreneurs on Firewall to get their take on the latest trends in VC, tech, and politics. In this episode, he connects with Sucharita Kodali, VP at Forrester, to discuss the implications of the global health crisis on consumer spending, the economy, and businesses both big and small, as well as new business development during the current climate.

13. Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin on Managing During the COVID-19 Crisis (Total Retail Talks)

Jessica Herrin, CEO & Founder of Stella & Dot, knows a thing or two about fashion and skincare. And during this time of crisis, she realizes how important it is for her to step up and lead by example. Tune in as she chats with host Joe Keenan about adjusting to constant challenges, how she is motivating her team during this uncertain time, and why she believes striking the right tone with consumers makes-or-breaks businesses right now.

14. Keeping retail afloat during COVID-19 (Wharton Business Daily)

From the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business Daily gathers leaders, innovators, and renowned faculty to discuss the latest trends and topics impacting the world of business. In this episode, Barbara Kahn, Wharton Professor of Marketing, shares her perspective on the impact and challenges retailers face during the pandemic and how they might rebound toward the end of 2020.

15. #Brands, #Marketing, #COVID-19 (Sydney Business Insights)

Since the onset of the global pandemic, Sydney Business Insights has been following its impact on daily life – from remote work and the environment to government policies and business disruption. In this episode, tune in as Sandra Peter and Kai Riemer of the University of Sydney Business School discuss what smart brands can do during a crisis and how the pandemic is upending the advertising world.

16. Marketing in a crisis: How brands should respond post-COVID-19 (Mediaworks Digital Drop-In Sessions)

The team at UK-based digital marketing agency, Mediaworks, prides itself in providing the most up-to-date insights into industry developments, sharing them – as well as expert advice – weekly through their podcast. In this episode, Matthew Little and Alec Gillespie of market research company, GlobalWebIndex, share their thoughts on changes in consumer behavior, trends to look out for, and how brands should respond over the coming months.

17. How B2Bs can continue selling in a COVID-19 world (Behind the Numbers)

Often an afterthought, the COVID-19 crisis has also impacted the way B2B organizations engage with prospects. Joined by Sydney Sloan, CMO of Salesloft, and Andie Cohn, VP of Corporate Sales at Insider Intelligence, this episode of Behind the Numbers focuses on share how to manage changes to the sales cycle during this time, why the lack of in-person events means sales reps should pivot their strategies, and how to modify sales messages to be relevant and empathetic.

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