Dynamic Yield Launches Community Site for Customer Collaboration

Dynamic Yield Launches Community Site for Customer Collaboration

The new peer-to-peer site will make it easy for users to share ideas and best practices across the platform's global customer base.

Peer-to-peer site will make it easy for customers to share ideas and best practices

[New York, October 2nd, 2018] Dynamic Yield, the AI-powered omnichannel personalization platform, today announced the launch of its new Community site to enable collaboration across its global customer base. The Dynamic Yield Community will act as a forum where users, experts, and employees can share knowledge, learn from each other’s experience, request help, and exchange valuable information among like-minded personalization professionals.

Thousands of unique experiences are launched through the Dynamic Yield platform every year by its users. In an effort to enhance knowledge sharing among its users, Dynamic Yield Community will surface the vast library of experiences and thought leadership demonstrated within the field to establish a shared foundation of knowledge

“The amount of valuable knowledge and thought leadership that we have generated with customers is immense, and with our Community we plan to make it much more accessible for everyone,” said Oded Leiba, VP of Customer Success at Dynamic Yield.

The new members-only site will allow Dynamic Yield customers to:

  • Gain access to Q&A forums for immediate guidance or the sharing of expertise
  • Exchange personalization best practices, gather inspiration and swap success stories
  • Receive timely updates on all new product releases and upcoming events
  • Provide direct feedback to the Dynamic Yield team
  • Browse relevant industry and interest groups to connect with similar users

The launch of Dynamic Yield Community is part of the company’s larger effort to create one unified and vibrant platform where Dynamic Yield users can access all of the educational materials they need while connecting in meaningful ways to other pioneers in the space. To this end, earlier this year Dynamic Yield Academy was introduced, where users go to learn and get certified as personalization experts in their field. With today’s launch of Community, the company has taken the next step towards consolidating all of the personalization know-how under one umbrella, a process that will come to its conclusion in 2019 when Dynamic Yield will bring its Academy, newly-launched Community, as well as its Knowledge Base onto a singular portal.

About Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield’s AI-powered omnichannel personalization engine helps marketers increase revenue by automatically personalizing each customer interaction across the web, mobile web, mobile apps, and email. The company’s advanced customer segmentation engine uses machine learning to build actionable customer segments in real time, enabling marketers to take instant action via personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization & real-time messaging – in a single platform.

Dynamic Yield personalizes the experiences of more than 600 million users globally and counts industry leaders like IKEA, URBN Brands, and Ocado among its many customers. Based in New York, the company has more than 180 employees in six offices worldwide.

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