Introducing: Dynamic Yield’s Personalization Certification Program

Introducing: Dynamic Yield’s Personalization Certification Program

Dynamic Yield's new Personalization Certification program is designed to qualify professionals with expertise in the expansive world of personalization.

TL;DR: Dynamic Yield is proud to announce the launch of its new, first-of-its-kind, Personalization Certification program. Designed to qualify professionals with expertise in the expansive world of omnichannel personalization, graduates are armed with the skills required for reshaping the customer journey through the creation of individualized experiences.

With a strong personalization plan and supporting technology, businesses can drive customer spend, marketing efficiency, and retention. Doing so, according to Mckinsey, has led to reduced acquisition costs by as much as 50 percent, revenue uplifts of 5 to 15 percent and increased efficiency of marketing spend by 10 to 30 percent.

However for most companies, personalization is still proving a challenge, mainly due to lack of expertise associated with the burgeoning practice and the technical knowledge required to build and launch experiences. As an end-to-end personalization platform that has serviced the personalization space for many years now, we have become all to familiar with these barriers to success. It’s because of these pain points we’ve heard echoed from across the industry that we’re launching our Personalization Certification program.

Built for both business and technical practitioners, the Dynamic Yield Academy provides customers and partners with the ability to improve their knowledge base and level up their skills. Our simple, yet detailed training includes interactive, step-by-step courses for both beginners and pros. User’s of all types can simply choose a track and get certified.

We are also now offering full-day training seminars to expedite the certification process for those looking to immerse themselves in the domain of personalization in the shortest amount of time possible. Our courses are led by a team of inspiring Personalization Pioneers and are regularly hosted around the globe at Dynamic Yield office locations in NYC, Berlin, and Singapore.

We believe professionals interested in learning more about personalization retain information most effectively by doing, and therefore, our unique program combines lectures, workshops, exercises, and more to help participants gain a deep, practical understanding of personalization and how Dynamic Yield can enable businesses to act on their newfound knowledge.

Track What Recurrence Where Certification
Business Training Master the Dynamic Yield platform through hands-on exercises and enthralling personalization use cases for your everyday business needs Monthly Onsite & remote Personalization Expert
Technical Training Learn how to implement Dynamic Yield, integrate with other platforms, code JS powered experiences and leverage your technical skills to fly high with DY Monthly Onsite & remote Personalization Engineer
Advanced Business Training Learn advanced strategies and techniques that will take your omni-channel personalization and user-journey orchestration skills to higher levels, empowering you to program intricate experiences with elegance and ease Scheduled Remote Advanced Personalization Expert
Enhanced Product Training Every month we’ll take a deep-dive into a product capability, present proven examples from our beta testers and customers, and facilitate the implementation of related high-value use cases Monthly Remote Advanced Personalization Engineer

Our Dynamic Yield User Certification includes 3 courses:

  • Fundamentals
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization

Starting with Fundamentals, students will learn how to replace static experiences on their website with Dynamic Yield’s site personalization features. In addition, this area of the course teaches the basics of A/B testing and familiarizes the user with the Dynamic Yield platform and how scalable content creation can be achieved.

The Segmentation course includes the required basics for defining user personas and segments, diving into the use of targeting data with walkthroughs in creating valuable audiences, meaningful targeting conditions, and the relevant analytics reports necessary for pulling experience insights within Dynamic Yield.

Finally, the Personalization course expands on the configuration of multiple targeted experiences with multiple variations, high-impact recommendation strategies, and options for advanced optimization and personalization through automation. Each course contains an hour of theoretical content, setting the stage for why all are of equal importance to business growth, as well as hands-on exercises followed by a certification test.

As a continuation course, and in order to receive Dynamic Yield Expert certification, Dynamic Yield provides an advanced workshop to enhance and deepen the student’s understanding of user personas, segmentation, and A/B testing. This workshop provides next-generation tools for business and technical users to lead their organizations towards personalizing the user journey. Partners and customers who will complete the final workshop will then be granted with a DY Expert certification.

At Dynamic Yield, we’re proud to offer a program that educates and instills an invaluable set of skills to those who seek to become subject matter experts in this exciting and rapidly evolving space. And we will be hosting many outstanding events and training activities this upcoming year to ensure that our expert community continues to thrive as Personalization Pioneers in the industry.

In order to get started, visit the Dynamic Yield Academy.

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