Dynamic Yield Raises $22 Million to Advance Personalization

Dynamic Yield Raises $22 Million to Advance Personalization

Dynamic Yield announces a $22 million Series C round to further develop the world's first personalization technology stack.

Yesterday we announced a $22 Million Series C funding round led by Vertex Ventures and ClalTech, with participation from Chinese search giant Baidu and Rocket Internet founder Oliver Samwer’s Global Founders Capital. These investors will join our existing funders, Bessemer Venture Partners, Marker LLC, and Innovation Endeavors. The funding validates the progress Dynamic Yield has made and is a victory for our vision that a personalized onsite user experience is the linchpin of successful marketing campaigns.

Since our founding, we’ve doubled in size (or more) every year. We now have employees across North America, Europe and Asia and enterprise customers on all six continents. We serve global leaders in diverse industries such as eCommerce, Travel, Gaming, and B2C and personalize the experiences of more than 500M unique users a month. And we are showing no signs of slowing down.

Our Story

In 2009 when I was head of personalization at Sears, I was frustrated by the fact that there were so many piecemeal solutions I had to use in order to deliver a consistent customer experience. Everything, from A/B testing to site personalization to product recommendations to messaging, had to be dealt with singly. While I could find solutions for every pain point, taken together, they simply didn’t work. It was all vendor bloat and confusion.

It was out of this frustration that Dynamic Yield, a single personalization technology stack, with a cohesive user data set and experience creation tools built into the same platform, was born. We knew that with an integrated solution that combined data and activation, the sum would be much greater than the parts.

Our Future

The digital marketplace is changing fast. Nobody predicted the fundamental way in which mobile devices have changed consumer behavior. Few publishers foresaw how the omnipresence of social media would fundamentally upend how we consume content.  And even the most ardent data geek couldn’t imagine how the sheer volume of data generated by digital consumer behavior dictates the daily grind of marketers today.

Why are all these trends important? They cement our fundamental belief that the true winners in our space will be determined by their ability to continuously innovate.

The vast majority of today’s customers expect personalization. As technology becomes more complex, marketers, developers, and product teams will require a single, comprehensive solution to power all elements of a personalized experience.

Today, more than half of our employees work in our Product and R&D teams building the world’s most advanced personalization technology. This funding round will help us continue that investment.

Thank You

We didn’t get to this point on our own. We are grateful to our many enterprise customers, the true personalization pioneers who took a chance on our vision and technology. We will continue to do everything in our power to help you grow.

To our teams across the globe: The endless lines of code, late nights hunched over a keyboard, and hard work that you put in every single day is the reason we are where we are today. We couldn’t be prouder to work with such a passionate and motivated group. Thank you.

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