Introducing: Easy Previewing for Experiments

We’re rolling out preview improvements to the Dynamic Yield platform allowing you to simulate and test the targeting rules for your personalized experiences.

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Preview and test the targeting rules for your campaigns to ensure the best possible experiences.

The advent of powerful personalization technologies has enabled the craft of building tailored experiences for online audiences across different channels, platforms, and devices. Today, the leading brands take advantage of these tools to deliver better customer experiences that help them achieve increased consumer engagement, top-line revenue, and a higher ROI. Whether it’s an eCommerce retailer emailing personalized product recommendations to shoppers, or a travel company displaying limited time offers when visitors show signs of exit intent, there are numerous ways marketing practitioners are personalizing the customer experience in order to drive sales.

These enhanced capabilities have become a powerful asset, but they also underscore the need for personalization teams to carefully test and run quality assurance on all of the experiences they deploy to ensure the right content is delivered to the right person. It’s important to build quality assurance processes, like validating your integrations and previewing all of your experiences before setting them live, into your personalization workflow. Proper QA testing will only continue to be a critical element of effective personalization as marketers build and design more complex and integrated customer experiences. After all, what’s the value of being able to segment and deliver personalized interactions to your users if that experience is ultimately served up to the wrong user?

Introducing Preview Improvements 

As a company driven by performance, we firmly believe in the importance of effective QA testing and previewing experiences when it comes to generating impactful, high-yielding campaigns. That’s why we’ve built new improvements into our previewing feature that will improve your entire QA workflow, making it easier for your team to ensure your personalization efforts are designed and implemented exactly the way you want.

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We’re introducing a new capability that allows you to actually preview and test the targeting rules for your experiences. Instead of selecting a specific variation to preview, you can actually test the targeting conditions by simulating the variation that would be served to you based on the attributes and conditions that you currently meet (or don’t meet). For example, if you set up a homepage image to only be displayed to female customers from Kansas, this capability would only display that image in the preview if you actually matched those criteria yourself.

Additionally, we’ve made it even easier to preview your variations. Whether you’re building a new experience from scratch or making edits to an existing one, you can now preview your variations without having to first save all of your changes, so you can quickly inspect your experiences at any step of your workflow.

As customers no longer make exceptions for brands that fail to deliver engaging, personalized experiences, our new previewing capabilities make it possible for your team to ensure the best possible experiences before pushing them live to your most valuable customers and visitors.

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Introducing: Easy Previewing for Experiments
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