23 Illuminating eCommerce Shopping Behavior Trends and Predictions

During 2015, there will be more than 200 million online shoppers in the United States, according to Statista’s projections. By 2018, these figures are expected to exceed 215 million online shoppers in the U.S. alone. The eCommerce market is growing every year, demanding brands and organizations to regularly deliver new, innovative experiences. Here are 23 enlightening statistics, trends and predictions to accelerate your marketing plans and guide you towards a better shopping experience.

23 eCommerce Shopping Trends and Predictions:
Online Shopping Behaviors
Mobile Shopping Statistics
Shopping Cart Abandonments

In Summary

As smartphones become more popular across all demographics in the US and abroad, online mobile shopping is unsurprisingly becoming more popular. Desktop shopping continues to remain popular, although mobile traffic is quickly surpassing it as a percentage of all online traffic. However, smartphone users still prefer to complete a purchase either on a desktop computer or in-store. While customers enjoy the convenience of shopping online regardless of device, better deals including free shipping and favorable return policies are still the most important factor for completing purchases online instead of in-store.

23 Illuminating eCommerce Shopping Behavior Trends and Predictions
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