Dynamic Yield Launches A Complete Suite for Email Personalization

Dynamic Yield Launches A Complete Suite for Email Personalization

Omnichannel personalization platform now powers dynamic email content, open-time recommendations, and behaviorally triggered messages.

Omnichannel personalization platform now powers email content personalization, open-time product recommendations, and behavioral triggered messages

NEW YORK, NY — November 28th, 2017— Dynamic Yield, the first personalization technology stack, today announced the launch of a full suite of email personalization capabilities, enabling marketers to deliver personalized, engaging emails to their customers.

Email marketers are struggling to effectively deliver personalized emails because they often manage multiple point solutions that are disconnected from the core personalization engine which powers their web, mobile web, and app personalization. In a consumer research study conducted across North America, Europe, and Asia by Dynamic Yield, 3 out of 4 consumers found the emails they receive from the brands they love are not tailored or personalized to them.

Dynamic Yield for Email is built into Dynamic Yield’s core personalization suite so marketers can leverage user data and preferences across all customer channels – web, mobile app, email, and any existing enterprise systems like CRMs, DMPs, and more – to deliver true personalization in email.

Dynamic Yield for Email is unique because it’s powered by the same machine learning-powered engine that drives personalization across your other marketing channels, enabling your team to synchronize your customer experience across all of your touchpoints and delight your customers.

“We use Dynamic Yield to personalize the entire customer journey for Fetch shoppers, and re-engaging users via email is a vital part of the conversion funnel,” said Rebecca Mehaffey, Web Trading Manager at Ocado “Triggered emails have been a great feature so far, delivering an 80% open rate and helps us increase revenue we receive from each visitor to the site.”

Dynamic Yield for Email features include:

  • Open-Time Email Product Recommendations powered by the same advanced machine-learning algorithms used across your site, app, and other properties, allowing for a consistent omni-channel customer experience
  • Open-Time Dynamic Content that serves the right content to each recipient, based on up-to-the-second customer data
  • Behavior Triggered Emails delivered based on any site activity or user action
  • Custom Triggered Emails delivered based on any marketer defined custom event; including those that occur onsite, in a mobile app and via data integrated from any platform like POS system, loyalty platform, CRM etc.
  • Built-in Testing and Optimization Tools to optimize performance based on any marketing KPI, including CTR, Revenue/User, Revenue/Session, and more.
  • Easy-To-Use Templating Functionality to build emails at scale without creating any strain on your creative team.
  • ESP Agnostic Solution that can integrate with any existing email provider

With Dynamic Yield’s end-to-end solution you can personalize and synchronize the entire customer journey from start to finish including web, mobile web, mobile apps, campaign landing pages, advertising and now, email.

“The practice of email has become so commoditized that the amount of emails we all receive is overwhelming and not actually valuable to us,” said Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield. “Engagement is critical in developing customer loyalty, but mass emailing has the opposite effect. We want to change the paradigm from delivering spam-like emails to personalized emails, sent at the right time with the right message.”

For more information about Dynamic Yield for Email, please visit www.dynamicyield.com/email.

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