Email Personalization: From Unread to Marked as Important (Free eBook)

With the emergence of so many new technologies and platforms, it’s hard to believe that email is still a reigning champion as the channel marketers turn to for the highest return on investment.

But with so many companies planning to increase their spend on email marketing comes an inevitable pressure to increase the amount of emails sent in order to deliver on revenue. And for consumers, that translates into inbox overload, frustration, and often, negative brand sentiment.

To avoid the risk of getting lost in the clutter or sounding repetitive to customers who may receive upwards of thousands of emails a year, marketers must balance the need to deliver high impact email campaigns with positive customer experiences.

In this eBook, we’ll discuss the state of email marketing, uncover the preferences and habits of hundreds of consumers, briefly assess its global impact, and offer marketers concrete strategies to deliver personalized content to the right user, at just the right time, and with the right impact.


Download this PDF and you’ll learn:

  • Original Research on The State of Email Personalization
  • Email Habits and Preferences Cited by Consumers
  • How to Breed Loyalty with Value and Context
  • Transcending the Customer Journey with Compelling Offers
  • Five Capabilities for Delivering True Email Personalization

And don’t forget to check out our full research report on The State of Email Personalization.

Email Personalization: From Unread to Marked as Important (Free eBook)
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