How full-stack developer Binyamin Greenberg pushes the envelope of technology

How full-stack developer Binyamin Greenberg pushes the envelope of technology

In this Dynamic Yield employee spotlight, meet Binyamin Greenberg, a full-stack developer on the R&D team, working to improve the Dynamic Yield platform on a daily basis.

Employee Spotlight is a Dynamic Yield blog series meant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind our AI-powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform. From developers and engineers to marketers, those dedicated to customer success, sales leaders, HR representatives and beyond, every month, we’ll get to the heart of our team so you can get to know us a little bit better and find out what makes us tick.

This month, meet Binyamin Greenberg. Binyamin has been with us for two years now and is based out of Dynamic Yield’s office in Tel Aviv. As a full-stack developer on the R&D team, he supports his department’s mission to improve and refine the Dynamic Yield platform, pushing it to help brands provide the best customer experiences possible. Dedicated to innovation and passionate about collaborating with his peers, Binyamin cherishes his teams’ commitment to improving technology.

Let’s learn more about him…

What is your role at Dynamic Yield? 

I’m a full-stack developer here at Dynamic Yield and joined the Tel Aviv team about two years ago. 

What does a day in the office look like for Binyamin? 

I typically start the day off in the gym – one of the perks of our new Tel Aviv office being located in the Toha building is the state-of-the-art exercise facility. This is usually followed by a great Israeli breakfast with colleagues in the office kitchen. 

Once I’m ready to start the workday, I prepare for the slate of meetings ahead of me, which can involve discussing anything from the product, tech infrastructure design, technical issues and workarounds, or just quick check-ins with the team. Our team is very collaborative, and in addition to in-person meetings, we often connect via Slack and email throughout the day to support each other, surface new ideas, and problem-solve.

My core responsibilities require a fair amount of coding. I work on the development of new features and fix any bugs in existing features. And as one of the more experienced engineers on our team, I do my best to provide mentorship to more junior team members, helping them with any issues they bring to my attention.

What drew you to R&D? Have you always worked in technical roles? 

I’ve always worked in technical roles throughout my career. I’ve always had a knack for building things; at a young age, it was blocks, Legos, or woodwork. In high school, I started learning how to code and build software, and once I gave it a try, I was hooked. I think the main attraction I’ve had at my core was to problem-solving and being creative, and being a developer involves both of these skills at all times. Whether I’m building a game or a new dashboard, I feel an immense sense of satisfaction when I watch a final product come to life.

What do you find to be the most exciting aspect of the R&D organization at Dynamic Yield?

Dynamic Yield does not shy away from new technologies. It pushes its developers to continue to research and try new things. For example, recently, our department formed “guilds” (cohorts of frontend, backend, and data developers). The focus of these guilds is to research and advance the technological capabilities of the R&D organization. We allocate a sizable amount of time and resources toward guild efforts, and I think it’s what helps R&D here stand out.

What are the hallmark traits of a good developer?

A good developer must first and foremost be curious and inquisitive. This drive to learn and explore is something a good developer must have and maintain throughout their entire career in order to be successful. Additional traits such as coding proficiency, the ability to think outside of the box, and being able to collaborate well with other people are also critical qualities. 

If you could describe the R&D organization at Dynamic Yield in three words, what would they be and why?

Big but small.

Even though Dynamic Yield is constantly growing, we have maintained that small, tight-knit, startup feel. We all know each other, we’re constantly collaborating, and we push to do more, improve, and innovate on a regular basis. 

How do you spend your time outside of the office? Do you have any hobbies, go-to weekend activities, or long-term passion projects you’re working on?

I love spending time with my family – my wife and two young daughters. We love going to the beach, the zoo, parks, and of course, grabbing ice cream on a hot day. 

I also love traveling. I’ve been to almost every continent (I have yet to visit Antarctica). To balance the hours spent sitting in the office, I enjoy going on long bike rides and running. And of course, you can often find me working on a side coding project – I just can’t seem to stay away.

If you want to learn more about Sandro or ask him any questions about what it’s like to work on the Customer Success team here at Dynamic Yield, connect with him on LinkedIn. And make sure to check out our open roles!

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