Tracking Gabby de Araujo’s path to product marketing at Dynamic Yield

Tracking Gabby de Araujo’s path to product marketing at Dynamic Yield

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, get to know Gabby, a New York City-based Product Marketer who owns go-to-market strategies for new products and features at Dynamic Yield.

From developers and engineers to marketers, those dedicated to customer success, sales leaders, HR representatives and beyond, our Employee Spotlight blog series surfaces stories of the amazing individuals behind our AI-powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform. With each edition, we get to the heart of our team so you can get to know us a little bit better and find out what makes us tick.

This month, meet Gabby de Araujo. Gabby has been with us for four years now and is based out of Dynamic Yield’s office in New York City. She is a Product Marketing Manager, where she works on go-to-market strategies for new products and feature launches, ensuring customers and prospects understand the true value of the Dynamic Yield platform. Having worn many hats at the company, Gabby is uniquely familiar with what it’s like to sell a SaaS product, how to support customers on their journeys with experience optimization, and how to effectively market the product.

Let’s learn more about her…

What is your role at Dynamic Yield?

I’m currently a Product Marketing Manager here at Dynamic Yield, based in our New York City office. I joined the company in February 2016, and joined the Marketing team in September 2019.

You’ve had an interesting journey during your tenure at the company. Can you explain where you first started and how you eventually ended up in Product Marketing?

I began my career at Dynamic Yield in February 2016. I joined the once-tiny team as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), where I supported the Sales Directors who are responsible for selling our product and closing deals. In this role, I was exposed to so much of the buyer side, but eventually, my curiosity led me to Customer Success (CS). I wanted to know more about how customers use our platform, and I really wanted to show our customers how valuable our platform truly can be for their businesses. When I joined this team, we were scrappy and new, supporting a wave of new clients while simultaneously building out the CS service plan. It was a great experience that helped me learn about the platform at a granular level and allowed me to work across departments, especially with the Product team.

My favorite part of being on both the Sales and CS teams was the ability to gain knowledge about the Dynamic Yield platform. This experience showed me how our customers used the product and taught me how to sell the product, and I realized my natural next career step would be in product marketing. In September 2019, I joined the Marketing team as a Product Marketing Manager, where I am able to create and craft a narrative that exposes the value of our product to both customers and prospects. And in this role, I still maintain a close relationship with our customers, which I absolutely love.

What is your primary end goal as a product marketer?

In my role, I try to ensure that we are always crafting the right narrative for each product and always proving and showing the value of each new product and feature. Every product release is extremely important and beneficial to our customers, as they further help them deliver and optimize personalized, digital experiences. So it’s up to me to make sure we are putting out powerful messages in the market so our customers start implementing these features in their everyday workflow.

Part of this requires me to ensure our product content and resources are accessible. If you’re unfamiliar with Dynamic Yield and our product, I want you to be able to read any article, one-sheet, deck, or resource related to the product and truly understand what the feature is about and how it can be used. My end goal is to educate not just customers, but also marketers curious about experience optimization and show them how we can add value to their businesses.

A ton of work goes into successfully launching and marketing a new product feature. Can you briefly describe a go-to-market plan and who you collaborate with to execute one?

For a successful launch, I have to work cross-functionally with different stakeholders, and it is truly a team effort. For each product launch, I work with someone in CS, Product, and Sales Engineering. It is necessary to work with someone from each department because I need the right information from every side to come together before we go-to-market with a feature. And this applies to both internal and external documentation we are creating.

As someone who has held roles in a few departments at the company, what has surprised you the most about the Marketing organization?

The Marketing department really churns out so much incredible work. To be honest, I was extremely impressed and surprised to see just how much the team is actually responsible for. Unlike the previous departments that I have been a member of at the company, Marketing creates content that every single team uses, and our hands truly touch everything. There is something really special about seeing your work impact nearly every member of the organization, and it pushes me to do more and work harder every day.

In addition to product marketing, you can often find Gabby participating in office programming and helping out with events we host in our new Flatiron office.

As one of the earliest members of Dynamic Yield’s New York team, what has it been like to watch the organization transform and grow over the past few years?

It’s pretty surreal to see how much the company has grown; I mean I have worked in four different Dynamic Yield New York offices. When I joined in 2016, I think there were about 10 people in the NYC office, which was a tiny WeWork. We were all scattered throughout the floor, and now, we have this amazing, new office in Flatiron that’s home to over 50 people. It’s been really cool to see how the company has grown. And Although we have a much fancier office, it still feels like the same tight-knit startup that I joined. We are always pushing the limit, trying to think outside of the box and create something that no one has done before, yet the team always manages to stay humble and down to earth as we continue to reach new heights.

You’ve witnessed some amazing milestones during your time at the company over the past four years. What have been some of your favorite memories?

There are so many! From Brooklyn pool parties to casual happy hours, I’ve made so many great memories here. I think what’s really great about being a “veteran” employee has been the opportunity to work closely with so many different people across the company and forming really meaningful relationships with them.

I hear you’re quite a foodie. What is your favorite dish to cook? And what is your favorite restaurant in New York?

My favorite restaurant in New York is Colonie in Brooklyn – the mushroom pate and sticky date cake are to die for.

I absolutely love to cook and entertain; I think it’s so fun! Williams Sonoma knows me very well at this point. I’m not sure I have a single, favorite dish to cook, but here some of my favorite recipes I’ve tried and loved lately are Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon, Thomas Keller’s Lemon Tart, and Gabriela Camara’s Pescado a la Talla.

What piece of advice can you share with anyone looking to enter the startup world?

At startups, your opinions truly matter, and you can completely alter how things are done, no matter what level you are at. So if you want to have your opinions heard from day one, a startup is likely the right place for you.

If you want to learn more about Gabby or ask her any questions about what it’s like to work on the Marketing team here at Dynamic Yield, connect with her on LinkedIn. And make sure to check out our open roles!

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