Unpacking the ins and outs of customer-client relationships with Sandro Lubas

Unpacking the ins and outs of customer-client relationships with Sandro Lubas

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, get to know Sandro, a Team Lead of the US Customer Success team, and learn about his passion for helping enterprise brands scale their businesses.

Employee Spotlight is a Dynamic Yield blog series meant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind our AI-powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform. From developers and engineers to marketers, those dedicated to customer success, sales leaders, HR representatives, and beyond, every month, we’ll get to the heart of our team so you can get to know us a little bit better and find out what makes us tick.

This month, meet Sandro Lubas. Sandro has been with us for over a year and a half now and is based out of Dynamic Yield’s office in New York City. As a Team Lead for the US Customer Success team, he works with enterprise-level clients and supports his department’s mission to help brands optimize every digital experience for every single customer. A leader among his peers, Sandro is dedicated to providing brands and his team with the tools they need to be successful.

Let’s learn more about him…

What is your role at Dynamic Yield and what are your primary responsibilities?

My current role at the organization is Team Lead of the US Customer Success Team. I joined the company in October 2019, starting out as a Senior Customer Success Manager (CSM), working with large, enterprise-level eCommerce clients in the retail and automotive industries.

Now, as a Team Lead, I still continue to work with these clients, but rather than serving as an example for the US Customer Success (CS) team, I actively coach them and do my best to support my teammates so they can be successful in their day-to-day and grow professionally. Additionally, I manage two of our amazing CSMs, working with them directly and offering any assistance they seek to better support their clients.

What do you find exciting about working directly with other marketers looking to embrace experience optimization?

Over the course of my entire professional career, I’ve worked in people-facing roles. Once upon a time, I actually worked in Sales, supporting a team at an Italian video conferencing company (more relevant than ever, right?). After moving to New York, I immersed myself deeper into the marketing side of things, first working at an AI marketing company, and later joining the Customer Success team with our friends at Yotpo before joining Dynamic Yield. These experiences solidified my passion for working with customers. There’s something uniquely special about building a project from the ground up, helping people turn their visions into reality. From the ideation phase to execution, I love seeing how it all pans out, and when our collaboration reaps success, it’s extremely rewarding. It may take a while, but the gratification makes it worth it. 

This feeling exponentially grows when a client expresses their excitement, embraces testing a bit more, or comes to me with a new use case idea. I see them grow and become better marketers, helping their businesses grow and scale, and it makes me really proud of the work I’ve put in. 

But, like all things, it’s not always simple. Gaining buy-in for personalization from enterprise-level clients isn’t always a walk in the park. It takes time, convincing, and persistence to align teams that may have never really embraced experimentation or have never used a testing platform. But when they build that culture internally, they are almost always overwhelmingly satisfied with (or even shocked by) the results.

The Customer Success organization is a tight-knit crew here. What’s your favorite part about the team?

The energy and culture of our team is really special. I’ve worked with several teams throughout my career, but my teammates are truly exceptional people to be around. Not only are they funny and kind, but they are extremely knowledgeable and smart. Everyone is always willing to help and put heads together to solve a problem, and they really care. Every company desires to build teams with these traits, but it’s not simple. It’s something that makes Dynamic Yield so unique – the ability to bring a group of authentic and talented people together every single day, and it’s something that makes me proud to work here.

Additionally, the work we do is really impactful and it never goes unnoticed. Good work is rewarded and celebrated, which I believe is a hallmark trait of our organizational culture.

sandro and maya

Maya Gorlicki and Sandro Lubas at one of our Personalization Pioneers Summits

You spend a lot of time speaking directly with clients, supporting them with their digital marketing efforts. How do these conversations impact your partnership?

Aside from watching customers grow and hear them share positive feedback, we also develop a strong, working relationship. Our clients trust our team, always sharing their challenges and approaching us with ideas. They know they can rely on our team to deliver. It’s a true partnership, and building processes with them to help them succeed is both our goal and their ultimate mission. So when we are able to do that, both parties are really happy.

What about experience optimization drew you in?

You know, I thought I knew what went on in the world of personalization and experience optimization before joining Dynamic Yield, but I quickly realized there was a lot I needed to learn. The industry is burgeoning, and the power of customer experiences is top of mind for most of today’s marketers, so once I met the team, I was instantly drawn in and realized Dynamic Yield was something I wanted to be a part of. The product and the industry really excited me, and under Ben Malki’s (Customer Success Director, US) leadership, I’ve been able to become a stronger marketer, realizing my true potential and leveraging my skills to positively impact both my clients and their businesses.

Aside from helping businesses grow, what other passions do you have? What does Sandro’s typical weekend look like?

I love sports – I’m in a soccer league here in New York, and I also love playing tennis and try to get out on the court as frequently as possible. Aside from competitive fun, I also mentor international startups working to enter the U.S. market and work with some local business accelerators, offering guidance and support to founders looking to get their businesses off the ground.

If you could share one piece of advice to anyone looking to join the CS team at Dynamic Yield, what would it be?

This organization is truly a great place to build a career. You’re given the tools and presented with opportunities to learn and grow, and those who are most successful are those you take advantage of these opportunities and hustle. Hard work is truly the end-all-be-all, and it’s what makes this cohort stand out.

Especially during periods of crisis, this team has been an essential support system for businesses navigating new, unprecedented challenges, and it goes to show, a CSM at Dynamic Yield is someone willing to adapt to change and roll with the punches, doing everything they can to support clients, especially when they need us the most.

If you want to learn more about Sandro or ask him any questions about what it’s like to work on the Customer Success team here at Dynamic Yield, connect with him on LinkedIn. And make sure to check out our open roles!

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