Enrich the entire marketing stack with Dynamic Yield’s robust audience data

Enrich the entire marketing stack with Dynamic Yield’s robust audience data

Unlock troves of behavioral and contextual data captured by the Dynamic Yield platform to deliver deeply targeted campaigns at every touchpoint.

Accurate audience data has become increasingly important for marketing activities on off-site channels like email, paid media, call centers, and more. With Audiences Anywhere, brands can not only access the rich customer profiles living in Dynamic Yield’s platform for the creation of actionable audiences and highly targeted campaigns but also enable the automated export of these records. 

Omnichannel shopping is the new norm, with 60 percent of customer journeys now including a digital component for either research or transactions, according to McKinsey. And as brands launch campaigns to get in front of consumers in as many online places as possible – the inbox, Instagram, Facebook, Google, and more – maintaining consistency and relevancy from one channel to the next is now critical to influencing purchase decisions. 

Unfortunately though, much of the vital information necessary to achieve such an experience, like a visitor’s real-time behavior on-site, their online and offline conversion history, geography, product affinities, or cross-device activity never makes its way to the systems of engagement (SoE) used to execute these campaigns. Forced to operate with a fraction of the data, marketers, email managers, acquisition managers, and others are left struggling to produce meaningful results. 

So to help enhance the value and accuracy of marketing campaigns, the rich audience data in Dynamic Yield’s platform is now available to other technologies within the stack, allowing brands to maximize performance and optimize spend. 

A unified dataset from which to build experiences, anywhere 

Positioned at the last mile of the customer experience, Dynamic Yield collects and analyzes huge amounts of user data, combining CRM, on-site behavior, purchase history, product preferences, and more to establish and maintain a 360° view of the customer throughout the entire journey an individual has with a brand.

Extremely powerful in delivering tailored, consistent, and optimized experiences, brands can now automatically push this robust data to other first- and third-party systems (ESPs, CRM, ad networks, and more) through our Audiences Anywhere capability.

Export multiple audiences using an S3 bucket or set up a daily CSV export

Audiences Anywhere capability in Dynamic Yield's Experience OS

Following the release of our Offline Purchase Ingestion capability, Audiences Anywhere represents the latest addition to Dynamic Yield’s agile segmentation and data management system.

How to leverage Dynamic Yield’s actionable audiences off-site

Ease of access to Dynamic Yield’s behavioral, affinity, and predictive audiences comes with many substantial applications – all of which will ultimately help brands improve the output of their omnichannel retailing efforts. 

Improve acquisition ROI with hyper-targeted campaigns 

Historically, limited audience insights have resulted in ad campaigns reminiscent of “spray and pray” rather than those finely tuned to a specific audience segment or individual. After all, without the most up-to-date audience data, it’s easy to deliver incorrectly targeted campaigns. 

With Audiences Anywhere, those responsible for acquiring new customers can incorporate this important information into their systems and truly understand who should be suppressed or retargeted, as well as how to optimize each campaign. For example, one could run a campaign based on purchase history to avoid shoppers who already converted, recouping potentially wasted media spend and improving the overall end-user experience. 

Furthermore, this audience data can be used to create lookalikes within Google and Facebook for effectively expanding a campaign’s reach.

A campaign targeting a lookalike audience of users who are located in New York City and have an affinity for athletic wear

A Facebook campaign targeting lookalike audiences with Dynamic Yield data

Increase inbox engagement with better email campaigns 

In a survey of over 200 marketers, 59% said email is their biggest source of ROI when compared to other channels like social media, display ads, and video marketing. However, much like paid media, there is often a massive disconnect between what happens on-site and in emails. As a result, most recipients are sent email campaigns with the same promotion or message, regardless of their behavior. 

Utilizing Dynamic Yield’s audience data, email managers can ensure high engagement by identifying the most relevant mailing list members within their ESPs and delivering targeted campaigns with content tailored to these individuals. For example, they might want to send a set of emails specific to a customer’s loyalty status.

An email campaign targeted at VIP customers encouraging them to cash in on their loyalty perks

An email campaign using Dynamic Yield audience data to target VIP customers

Augment first-party platforms with rich customer data

Able to collect and consolidate data from multiple sources, Dynamic Yield operates as a single source of truth for many brands who employ the platform to optimize the customer experience. Naturally, those specializing in retention would want to leverage this wealth of information to enrich their CRM profiles, which is now easier than ever to accomplish.

Additionally, data science teams looking to uncover an even deeper layer of audience insights can export the enhanced details into their BI tools for further analysis. 

One dataset to rule them all

With Audiences Anywhere, brands are one step closer to closing the omnichannel gap, allowing them to turn Dynamic Yield’s unified audience data – comprised of real-time behavior, online and offline conversion data, geography, product affinity, cross-device behavior, and more – into highly targeted experiences across the entire marketing stack.

To learn more about Dynamic Yield’s agile segmentation and data management system, contact us here.

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