Enterprise-grade personalization – work better together with Dynamic Yield

Enterprise-grade personalization – work better together with Dynamic Yield

Discover Dynamic Yield's enterprise-grade personalization capabilities for large teams who prioritize reliability, efficiency, and security.

Large teams come with a special set of needs when it comes to running their experience optimization and personalization programs, which is why Dynamic Yield is committed to providing them with the reliable tools they need to work safely and efficiently. In this post, we’ll detail some of the recent enhancements we’ve released to support that goal. 

Every year, Scott Brinker releases his famous supergraphic of the marketing technology landscape. And without fail, the number of solutions continues to grow at an exceedingly rapid pace. In fact, 24.5% more new entries made it to the list in 2020, despite the need for greater consolidation.

This conundrum poses challenges for many, which we’ve written about at length before, but for none more than enterprise brands, who typically use an assortment of technologies to support the different needs of multiple departments and stakeholders. What’s often left is one very complex stack, making it difficult to become truly agile, customer-centric, and business outcome-driven in a hypercompetitive digital world.

Born out of this frustration, Dynamic Yield was designed to reduce vendor bloat and replace the fragmented experiences of siloed systems through a platform that can either act as a unified tool for data collection, decisioning, and activation, or as the connector through which personalized experiences can be shaped across the existing marketing stack. But we understand the work doesn’t stop there.

In the rest of this article, I’m going to touch on enhancements we’ve made to the platform as we continue to meet enterprise standards in workflow, privacy and security, integrations, localization, and more.

But first, a helpful table breaking down the full breadth of enterprise capabilities offered through the Dynamic Yield platform.



Teammate Management

  • Role-based permissionsDefine, edit, and assign users to a role and manage their permissions from one central location.
  • Account enhancementsMake users more recognizable to other teammates within the platform with a custom avatar.

Streamlined Workflows

  • Product sync via APIMake individual changes to specific product properties without syncing the entire product feed.
  • Detailed user-activity logTrack which items, audiences, strategies, or other assets have been changed and by whom.
  • Variation feedCreate experiences with multiple variations and synchronize content changes automatically.
  • Out-of-the-box templates – Use pre-defined templates to accelerate experience creation rather than starting from scratch.
  • Templating engine – Build and save custom experiences in the Dynamic Yield platform as templates for quick re-use.
  • Visual Template Selection for Email RecsPreview email recommendation templates in real-time as you change variable values.
  • Template linkingView campaigns linked to any given template and unlink them with the click of a button.
  • Template ArchivalClear out old or unused templates that are no longer relevant from your list.
  • Cross-site campaign duplicationDuplicate experiences, recommendations, and strategies from one site to another.
  • Preview testing functionalitySimulate and debug campaigns and experience variations prior to publishing for quality assurance.
  • Multiple users in campaign creationView teammates currently editing the same campaign so as to not override each other’s work.


  • SLAEnsure personalization services and capabilities provided go uninterrupted with 99.9% uptime.
  • XP APIs – Launch campaigns entirely through the server-code to reduce negative impacts on page load.

Multilingual Support

  • Multi-currency supportSelect a main and secondary currency for conversion events for each site language.
  • Multi-language campaigns – Localize content for each element of a variation or template according to the desired language.
  • Localized product recommendationsRender language-specific recommendations based on the page context and product feed value.

Privacy & Security

  • GDPR and CCPA compliantSafely launch experiences with a solution that has met global privacy standards and regulations.
  • API key management Restrict access and management of API keys to select admin users to prevent risks of misuse.
  • Single-sign-on (SSO)Authenticate logins to the Dynamic Yield platform through OIDC or SAML 2.0. for greater security.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)Ensure only users that present two or more methods of authentication are allowed to log in.
  • eXPerience APIs – Experiment and target experiences without exposing any sensitive data on the browser.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Custom dashboard metrics – Adjust main metrics in the dashboard and Audience Explorer to any custom goal.


  • Out-of-the-box integrations – Seamlessly connect to other enterprise systems and inject personalization across the stack.

Now, let’s dig into a few of these features in more detail.

Teammate and campaign management

Many large brands have hundreds of users logging into the Dynamic Yield platform each month, from marketers and merchandisers to data analysts, product managers, developers, and others.

To enable simpler collaboration between the various stakeholders involved in campaign management, role-based permissions can be defined, edited, and assigned to one or more teammates for specific access to the platform from one easy-to-find location.

Streamline teammate management with role-based permissions

Streamline teammate management with role-based permissions

Additionally, with a higher number of active users, enterprise brands can also have hundreds of personalization campaigns running in the Dynamic Yield platform at any given time. This makes it especially important that teams be able to view the entire history of individual site campaigns.

Our detailed user activity log allows individuals to investigate which items, audiences, strategies, or other assets have been changed and by whom, offering full transparency across workflows and departments.

Easily filter the activity log by user, campaign type, and date 

Easily filter the activity log by user, campaign type, and date

Read our Knowledge Base article about how to Manage Your Account and Teammates within Dynamic Yield for step-by-step instructions.

Best practices in privacy and security

Movements such as the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA are changing the ways businesses can handle the personal information of their visitors, making it a top priority for Chief Information Security Officers (CISO).

Dynamic Yield has invested significant resources towards our compliance with the latest laws and regulations, and also that we assist our customers in their own adherence. For instance, in accordance with the current legal mandate set forth by GDPR guidelines, we provide the only out-of-the-box solution that does not use cookies to process opt-in and opt-out requests.

“No Consent, No Cookies” solution for data privacy management

“No Consent, No Cookies” solution for data privacy management
Find more details on our Active Cookie Consent Method of Data Privacy Management.

On the flip side, security is a major concern for enterprise brands, which must mitigate risk and avoid any exploitable vulnerabilities. To ensure safety and convenience when logging into the Dynamic Yield platform, the same authentication policies used with other enterprise applications can be applied.

Implement single sign-on (SSO) through SAML 2.0 or OIDC, which are supported by all major identity providers, including Okta and Active Directory.

Enable SSO to authenticate logins via your identity provider 

Enable SSO to authenticate logins via your identity provider

Get started with Dynamic Yield’s Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

Connectivity across the stack

Marketing technology stacks come in all shapes and sizes, and for enterprise brands, that often means various solutions that are purpose-built to accomplish an array of different jobs. And while one company may make a unified personalization platform like Dynamic Yield more central to its infrastructure, others need to connect our experience optimization and personalization capabilities to the tools they already know and love.

Dynamic Yield’s flexible data architecture and open API allows for seamless integration to dozens of tools, which include enterprise CMS and eCommerce systems, DMPs, marketing automation and tag management platforms, web analytics solutions, and more.

A sample of 3rd party platform integrations available 

A sample of 3rd party platform integrations available

And this integrations list is constantly growing, with SAP Commerce, Optimove, zenloop, and e-Spirit representing some of the recent additions to our network of official technology partners.

Follow these how-tos and start integrating Dynamic Yield with the rest of your stack.

Multi-lingual support

Enterprise brands are more likely to cater to customers spanning across the globe, requiring them to take a localized approach to their experience optimization efforts. Dynamic Yield accommodates the needs in a few ways.

First, users can localize content by setting and managing translations for each element of a variation or template depending on the desired locale. This reduces the need to create a new experience per language, the benefits of which include greater relevance and less javascript writing.

Serve localized versions of variations to site visitors

Serve localized versions of variations to site visitors

Second, companies that cater to numerous countries can specify the correct currency for each site language. Multiple currencies are supported and can be used as the main or secondary currency for conversion events, whether USD($), EUR(€), GBP(£), JPY(¥), ILS(₪), or dozens of others.

And lastly, localized product recommendations can be rendered based on the context of the page (i.e. homepage, product page, cart, page) and values in the product feed (e.g. price, name, description), maximizing the impact of these widgets.

Begin launching multilingual experiences with this helpful support documentation.

Working smarter, not harder, together

The tools and features discussed throughout this post are in addition to a bevy of enhancements made to our templating system, previewing functionality, product and variation feeds, and cross-site sharing capabilities in 2020. Largely, due to the increased demand, we’ve seen from enterprise companies looking to incorporate personalization into their stack over the years.

These large teams, which now represent one-third of Dynamic Yield’s customer base, come with a unique set of requirements when it comes to building and testing personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences. And with some of our improved capabilities, we believe they can now do so efficiently, reliably, and securely.

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