Pick up where your ESP left off with Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email

Pick up where your ESP left off with Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email

The unified personalization solution empowers brands to experience email the way it was meant to be: personalized, real-time, and predictive.

Most email sends today still rely on basic CRM-based segmentation, with very little personalization being applied according to meaningful interactions that take place on the site or app. With Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email solution, teams can use an intuitive drag and drop builder to individualize all or portions of their email campaigns, no coding, design skills, or messy integrations required.

Email remains one of the most effective channels for driving sales and customer loyalty, with email usage continuing to grow year over year. However, siloed data from fragmented cross-channel marketing efforts have made it impossible to deliver emails that truly reflect the interests and needs of consumers.

Instead, most email sends still rely on basic CRM-based segmentation, with very little personalization being applied according to the meaningful interactions that take place on the site or app. As an extension of the web experience, brands need to be able to more easily personalize their emails, not only so they can stand out in the inbox and inspire action but also to create consistency between channels.

That’s why today, Dynamic Yield is excited to empower brands to Experience Email the way it was meant to be: personalized, real-time, and predictive.

Experience Email, a unified personalization solution

Built on our robust audiencing capabilities, Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email solution allows marketers to track and incorporate important on-site activity into their email campaigns. For example, what visitors are browsing for or adding to the cart at that moment – information that can be unified with data from any other source for the creation of rich email segments.

Creating a hub of all available user engagement data – both historical and real-time – artificial intelligence is then utilized to algorithmically match products and offers to different individuals based on their shopping activity, product affinities, cross-device behavior, and more.

And with optimization happening at the time of email open, the most recent interactions are always reflected, ensuring relevance even after the send button has been hit. As a result, web and email experiences can influence one another, a benefit existing customers of Dynamic Yield have already come to know and love.

So what’s new, then?

A visual editor for building personalized emails

Simply insert one or multiple dynamic images, messages, recommendations, and more through a drag and drop editor – no coding required. And you can expedite the design of different email campaigns with a collection of pre-built responsive email templates. Whether you go this route or choose to start from scratch, the user interface provides an effortless way to customize and create personalized emails.

Leverage reusable blocks, an image library, and pre-built templates with our visual editor

Only need one individual content block versus an entire email? Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email is fully flexible, allowing you to personalize and embed all or parts of your email into an ESP.

More on that below.

Industry-leading recommendations, across multiple widgets, all tightly connected between on and offline

Dynamic Yield’s product recommendation engine offers 17 different strategies for personalizing products within each email, from our deep learning-powered AdaptML strategy to affinity-based personalization, contextual recommendations, and more. This allows you to utilize best-in-class recommendation strategies to promote your top products, products related to items left in the customer’s cart, or predict the products that are most likely to be bought by each individual customer.

Drag and drop one or multiple recommendation blocks powered by various algorithms directly into your email, which we’ll make sure automatically showcase different products across widgets.

Serve unique products across multiple recommendation widgets powered by best-in-class algorithms

Then, add merchandising rules by including and excluding products (like those purchased offline), pinning items, as well as fusing multiple strategies to maximize performance.

Email preview and seamless embedding

Preview functionality allows for email designs to be QA’ed on the fly, with the ability to send test emails and see how they render on any device, email client, or web browser. A preview tool is also available for simulating what the email is going to look like for different site visitors.

Send a test email to ensure flawless delivery on any device, email client, or web browser

And because Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email solution is ESP agnostic (along with marketing automation and CRM systems), once a marketer is done configuring the email logic and design, implementation requires no more than generating, copying, and pasting a simple code snippet into an existing email editor.

And just like that, we are lowering the barrier to email personalization.

Plus, the segments for each campaign can then be used across the Dynamic Yield platform to personalize product recommendations, content, behavioral messages, and more across the site and other channels.

A new approach to email personalization

To improve conversions, customer loyalty, sales, and overall ROI in an email-centric eCommerce landscape, brands’ transactional, promotional, and behavioral email campaigns must be truly personalized.

With Dynamic Yield, teams can do just that, matching each individual’s preferences and buying intent as they traverse channels across the customer journey.

Now that’s the way to Experience Email.

If you are a Dynamic Yield customer interested in Experience Email, please contact your Customer Success Manager. And read our Knowledge Base article for step-by-step instructions into how it works, or take our Academy Course for comprehensive training.

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