Dynamic Yield recognized by Frost & Sullivan as Global Visionary Innovation Leader in Personalization Engines

Dynamic Yield recognized by Frost & Sullivan as Global Visionary Innovation Leader in Personalization Engines

As part of its Best Practices research report, Frost & Sullivan named Dynamic Yield as Visionary Innovation Leader in the Personalization Engines Market.

Frost & Sullivan positioned Dynamic Yield highest for both Focus on the Future and Best Practices Implementation.

As part of its Best Practices research report, Frost & Sullivan recently announced the latest recipient of its prestigious Visionary Innovation Leadership Award. Granted to companies from a range of regional and global markets for superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development, this year marked the first time vendors within the Personalization Engines market were considered. 

At a time when personalization is becoming increasingly critical to how individuals and businesses perform their daily activities, it is with great excitement I’m able to share that Dynamic Yield has proudly accepted Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 award.

Evaluated amongst a large number of other participants in the industry, Dynamic Yield was identified as a key player and positioned highest based on its Focus on the Future and Best Practices Implementation.

Against the backdrop of extensive primary and secondary research across the entire value chain, Frost & Sullivan has witnessed the emergence of new and specialized providers in the personalization market. Additionally, it found that more established vendors are upgrading their marketing solution portfolios in adjacent categories by adding personalization capabilities to better serve today’s highly transactional and expectation-driven consumers.

Given the competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty—not to mention the difficulty of innovating in an environment of escalating challenges to intellectual property, Dynamic Yield’s Visionary Innovation Leadership award signifies a great accomplishment for our company. Our dedication to the customer experience is reflected by our products and solutions, which, according to Frost & Sullivan, have set new, long-lasting trends in how technologies are deployed and consumed by businesses and end-users.

“A leader in its category, Dynamic Yield impresses Frost & Sullivan with its AI-driven personalization technology. Even more importantly, the company has proven that its solution delivers measurable results to its customers by automatically personalizing communication, recommendations, and interaction in real-time across channels. The ‘segment of one’ has finally become a reality.” 

– Martin Hoff ter Heide, Lead Consultant, Integrated Commerce Information & Communication Technologies at Frost & Sullivan

Here’s a little more about the research methodology used by Frost & Sullivan in the report and why Dynamic Yield’s personalization engine came out on top.

Visionary Innovation Leadership Criteria

To support its evaluation, Frost & Sullivan identified two key overarching factors–Focus on the Future and Best Practices Implementation–according to the criteria below, which it then used to score, analyze, rate, and position each vendor.

Focus on the Future 

  1. Focus on Unmet Needs – Implementing a robust process to discover customers’ unmet or underserved needs and create the products or solutions to address them effectively. 
  1. Visionary Scenarios through Mega Trends – Incorporating long-range, macro-level scenarios into the innovation strategy, thereby enabling first-to-market growth opportunity solutions.
  1. Growth Pipeline – Best-in-class process to identify and prioritize growth opportunities leveraging both internal and external sources.
  1. Blue Ocean Strategy – Strategic focus on creating a leadership position in a potentially uncontested market space, manifested by stiff barriers to entry for competitors.
  1. Growth Performance – Growth success linked tangibly to new growth opportunities identified through visionary innovation. 
Dynamic Yield Named a Leader in Personalization Engines by Frost & Sullivan
The Visionary Innovation Leadership report evaluated industry players based on their Focus on the Future and Best Practices Implementation

Best Practices Implementation

  1. Vision Alignment – The executive team is aligned with the organization’s mission, vision, strategy, and execution.
  1. Process Design – Processes support the efficient and consistent implementation of tactics designed to implement the strategy. 
  1. Operational Efficiency – Staff performs assigned tasks seamlessly, quickly, and to a high-quality standard.
  1. Technological Sophistication – Systems enable companywide transparency, communication, and efficiency.
  1. Company Culture – The executive team sets the standard for commitment to customers, quality, and staff, which translates directly into front-line performance excellence.

Writing the Future of Personalization

The world is in the midst of the most significant technology transition ever seen as business and society embrace the new digital reality – one which now relies heavily on experiences tailored to the individual. Dynamic Yield is both humbled and invigorated to be recognized for its contribution to the growth happening in personalization and this wouldn’t be possible without all of the talented folks in Product, R&D, Customer Success, and beyond who work every day to support our efforts and drive the market forward. We’re excited for what’s to come and how we can serve brands in new, interesting, and sophisticated ways as the customer experience continues to evolve.

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