Introducing: Dynamic Yield for Email

Introducing: Dynamic Yield for Email

With Dynamic Yield for Email, we've built a solution for businesses to easily deliver personalized, relevant emails to each and every customer.

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Email has been around for almost 50 years.

The opportunity with email is that as a push mechanism, you can reach out to the user in the right context and the right time and you don’t have to wait for them to come back to your website or to your app.

Customers that are signed up via email and are engaged with the website have higher conversion rates, higher KPIs, are much more loyal than standard anonymous users.

The problem is the practice has become so commoditized recently that the amount of emails we receive as individuals is just insane. So if you think about the next five years, in order for your program to continue being a success, you have to change your paradigm from mass emails to personalized emails that are sent at the right time, with the right message.

With the Dynamic Yield for email, we’ve built a solution designed specifically to personalize your emails at scale. You can dynamically customize the email content and include personalized recommendations, trigger emails based on user behavior, and then test and optimize your emails, all within a single platform.

We look at the user as one user throughout the different platforms. This way we are able to connect the dots and create a true omnichannel experience in terms of personalization. And when you talk about email, this becomes a core feature. You want the experience to really flow between all the different touchpoints, and be able to send the message in the email and have it correlate to the experience on all of the different platforms.

Email has proven to be an incredibly powerful channel, and on average, contributes over 20% of revenue for businesses. Unfortunately, many don’t leverage the full potential of its power to target customers and engage them at any stage of their purchasing decision.

The core issue behind this shortcoming lies with marketing teams who haven’t adequately invested in tailoring each of their emails to each customer – whether due to complexities with data management, lack of tools and resources, or other organizational obstacles.

Instead, they settle for mass email blasts and sheer volume of numbers to drive results, cluttering users’ inboxes with content that has little to no relevance or interest for recipients.

So, how can marketers ensure their messages actually stand out and engage customers? 

In an independent research survey of over 550 worldwide shoppers about their email habits and preferences, Dynamic Yield found 71% of consumers would respond favorably to an email if personalized specifically for them. But brands still have a lot of room for growth when it comes to delivering on that true one-to-one experience, and businesses need to get better at providing customers with what they want and expect in order to drive value from their campaigns.

Meet the World’s First Personalization Technology Stack
Personalization, Recommendations, Behavioral Messaging, Testing & Optimization in a Single Platform

Introducing Dynamic Yield for Email

With Dynamic Yield for Email, we’ve built a solution for businesses to easily deliver personalized, relevant emails to each and every customer. 

Automatically customize the content of an email for each user, insert personalized product and content recommendations directly into your emails, and also set up targeting conditions to deliver triggered emails sent with the right message at the right time. Our ESP agnostic solution can integrate with any existing email providers, so your team has all of the tools that you need to customize each email to each of your customers and drive results. 

Because Dynamic Yield for Email is built as a direct extension of the Dynamic Yield platform, you can directly leverage data from across your entire marketing stack – from your web platform, mobile app, CRM, email campaigns, and more – all in one place. Dynamic Yield for Email is unique because it’s powered by the same machine learning-powered engine that drives personalization across all of your other marketing channels, so your team can synchronize and deliver positive user experiences from start-to-finish across all of your customer touchpoints.

With Dynamic Yield for Email, businesses can automatically tailor email content based on a user’s purchase history, trigger emails if a customer abandons their shopping cart, include product recommendations for products similar to those viewed by a customer, and more to customize their emails to each recipient.

Read our article on Tactics for High Impact Email Campaigns for an in-depth look at the strategies and techniques called out above.

Additionally, the Dynamic Yield platform enables businesses to test and analyze which strategies, creative, and messaging work best for their users, a necessity to deliver optimal results with personalization. With Dynamic Yield, your testing goes beyond just basic A/B testing of email subject lines – test everything from the subject line to the email creative to the actual recommendation strategy powering your product and content recommendations. 

With such an immense opportunity to drive customer engagement and top-line revenue by delivering tailored, customized emails, Dynamic Yield Email Personalization makes it simple to reach the full potential of your email marketing efforts.

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