Introducing: Dynamic Yield for Mobile Web

Introducing: Dynamic Yield for Mobile Web

With Dynamic Yield for Mobile Web, we have designed a set of solutions that make it easy to deliver personalized experiences built for the mobile phone.

The biggest problem with the mobile web today is that the experience is not tailored specifically to the limited real estate offered on a mobile device. By and large, mobile websites are simply desktop designs that are given the Austin Powers mini-me treatment. Unfortunately, this aesthetic is simply not optimized for the mobile consumer journey.

For too long, marketers have served responsive design and simply hoped that users would adapt. But the amount of mobile traffic that passes through websites without converting is proving that this thinking is flawed. The harsh reality is that customers will simply not transact on mobile websites that are not optimized.

While 60% of the traffic is actually coming from mobile phones and tablets, only 16% of the conversions actually happen on these channels. Coupled with the fact that average order values on desktop are significantly higher than mobile, the influx of traffic moving to smaller screens creates a near existential challenge for ecommerce.

Dynamic Yield for Mobile Web is built to solve this very problem. With Dynamic Yield for Mobile Web, we have designed a set of solutions and capabilities specifically built for the marketer, to make it very easy to deliver personalized, relevant experiences built for the mobile phone.

When it comes to building experiences tailored for the mobile device, we often see marketers taming their own imagination and self-censoring their creativity because the existing technology has not allowed them to quickly craft unique mobile experiences quickly and in a cost-effective way. Until now.

Dynamic Yield allows marketers to personalize content on a mobile website, insert product recommendations and much more. You can even dynamically change the layout of your mobile web experience, tailored to each individual user.

Using Dynamic Yield, you can do pretty much anything you would like. The question then goes back to you as a customer, what do you want? We work with hundreds of customers globally and we actually know what works and what doesn’t. And based on this wealth of experience, we have a created a set of templates, widgets and experience design that make it really easy to personalize your mobile website without spending hours on development.

But user interactions on mobile web are only one piece of the customer journey. Modern shoppers often visit several devices before making a purchase and experiences must be cohesive across all touchpoints. Marketers have to be able to pick up the conversation from where it was left off, regardless of the previous device the customer used to access your website. Channels are irrelevant- there is only a single customer journey.

While the meteoric rise of the mobile web can be seen as a threat, it is first and foremost the greatest market opportunity for consumer facing brands. Capture this opportunity today with Dynamic Yield for Mobile Web.

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