Introducing: Enhanced Experience Reports

Introducing: Enhanced Experience Reports

Our new and enhanced Experience Reports ensure businesses have all of the reporting and data necessary to manage their personalization campaigns with the utmost confidence.

New Experience Reports with Audience Breakdowns and Secondary Metrics

Measurement, testing, and optimization have always been hallmarks of a successful marketing organization, especially as businesses strive to create relevant experiences for their audiences.

To effectively cut through the noise, savvy businesses understand they need to personalize each interaction to ensure it’s targeted and relevant. When it comes to personalization, marketers generally have a strong intuition on what will resonate and what won’t. But ultimately, they must always rely on a process of testing and optimization to further refine these initial hypotheses and separate what’s working from what’s not.

The issue with testing for many marketers is that after they’ve run their tests and identified a winning variation, there’s often a hesitation before they pull the trigger on rolling out the winning variation to all their users. They end up wondering how the variation actually performed for their key audiences or how their other KPIs were impacted by this experiment.

Now you can easily compare how variations performed on an audience-level and view secondary metrics for tests in Dynamic Yield.

Introducing Enhanced Experience Reports

To ensure our customers have the capabilities they need to effectively analyze their personalization efforts, we’ve built new and enhanced Experience Reports, a customer-led request from many testing experts, which provides users with a powerful way to evaluate their tests for actionable insights.

We’ve made it easier for teams to break down their Experience Reports by Audience, so you can compare how each individual audience responded to your test variations. Additionally, we’ve upgraded Experience Reports so teams can easily manage and drill down into important metrics for their experiments (even secondary metrics that aren’t related to their main test objective).

New Experience Reports Screenshot v3

For example, let’s say that we’re a marketer who has deployed four personalized home page experiences to all our users. After running the experiment, it’s determined that Variation B performed the best based on its click-through rate. However, we want to dig into the results and see how Variation B performed across some of our important business segments. Additionally, even though our test was based on click-through rate, we’re wondering about the performance of other metrics in our test.

With Dynamic Yield’s new Experience reports, we can dig into our results before we make any further decisions. While Variation B performed the best across all of our users based on click-through rate results, we can discover it actually performed poorly overall for our mobile users and the Average Order Value was significantly lower for our paid search traffic audience. Thanks to the new Experience Reports, we’ll know that we should use a different experience for those two audiences, and we can deploy the winning variation to everyone else.

Our new and enhanced Experience Reports ensure businesses have all of the reporting and data necessary to manage their personalization campaigns with the utmost confidence.

If you’re a current Dynamic Yield customer and have any questions about new Experience Reports, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email

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