Introducing: Enhanced Facebook Remarketing With Dynamic Yield

Introducing: Enhanced Facebook Remarketing With Dynamic Yield

Combine the power of Facebook ads with Dynamic Yield's unified dataset to empower micro-targeting for your remarketing campaigns.

Boost your remarketing campaigns by microtargeting based on a wealth of data. 

Every month, nearly 2 billion people around the world use Facebook, giving advertisers the opportunity to reach 4 billion eyeballs. With the attention of almost a third of the globe, Facebook’s ad revenue grew 57% YOY in 2016 to a whopping $27 billion.

Facebook’s advertising growth is even more remarkable given that most of the online advertising industry is locked in a zero-sum game, chasing stagnant scraps of marketing budgets while Facebook created demand. Furthermore, 85% of Facebook’s ad dollars come from mobile, indicating that the social media giant is safely positioned to dominate the industry for years to come.

While Facebook offers a robust and effective advertising platform, its remarketing capabilities are rather limited as they offer targeting conditions that are either URL-based or event-based, requiring customization and additional code on top of their basic tracking tag.

With Dynamic Yield’s unified data set capturing information from all consumer touchpoints, we seamlessly leverage our user data with Facebook’s ad targeting solution, enabling micro-targeted advertising based on behavioral, demographic, circumstantial, ad-hoc and technical data.


Dynamic Yield offers an automatic solution for triggering Facebook events for any Dynamic Yield Audience or targeted activity. These events can later be used to create highly specific and advanced Facebook audiences that can be targeted for any campaign. Some examples of users who can be made targetable only by enhancing Facebook’s audience capabilities with Dynamic Yield include:

  • Users who viewed products from a specific category (e.g. viewed any product from the shoes category)
  • Users who arrived onsite from a specific traffic source (e.g. Direct)
  • Users who visited a specific page more than once (e.g. visited the “Sale” category page more than 3 times)
  • Users who interacted with products that have unique properties (e.g. users who purchased a product that costs more than $150 or which is tagged with “Fall 2016”)
  • User who clicked or hovered over any element on your site (e.g. tried to enter a coupon on the checkout page and did or did not succeed)
  • Users who experience or will experience a specific weather condition now or anytime later this week (e.g. it’s raining today)
  • Time on a page (e.g. users that lingered for over a minute in the “return policy” page

None of the examples above require any additional coding from the marketer.


The enhancement is twofold, as you can use Facebook’s Lookalike capability to target users who are similar to the granular and specific DY Audiences. For example, once you’ve created an audience of “heavy purchasers”, you can enable Facebook to target similar users in its broad user base.



Since Facebook is installed across your users’ various devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, etc.), it doesn’t matter where you target them in Dynamic Yield. Once the custom action is activated on any platform, marketers can target users across all of their screens.

As the modern customer journey often occurs across several devices (and quick Facebook checks), we’re confident that boosting your Facebook remarketing with Dynamic Yield will help you drive more conversions from this valuable acquisition channel.

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