Introducing: Omnichannel Audience Sharing

Introducing: Omnichannel Audience Sharing

With Dynamic Yield, audience data from all devices is now shareable, empowering marketers to create richer personalized experiences across channels.

Across industries, 2017 will be the year of “hyper-personalization.” Experiences will be personalized more aggressively and will impact more and more touchpoints across devices. At Dynamic Yield, we are looking forward to watching our customers creatively deploy our technology to define the future of personalization. Suffice it to say, we’re excited to see what the coming year will bring.

One trend we’re particularly excited about is the continued development of true omnichannel personalization, which is still a huge challenge for many brands. While nearly every online retailer and publisher is deploying some type of customized homepage and product or content recommendations on desktop, few are creating a cohesive, 1:1 experience across platforms.

To make this level of personalization possible, it is vital to be able to share audiences between devices. This is a major technological hurdle for many providers. In many cases, audiences can only be shared between two web sections of the same type in which users presumably use the same browser. Unfortunately, this technology is no longer aligned with the reality of how we shop and consume content.

Omnichannel Shopper 
Consider the following three user journeys:

#1 The Sophisticated Shopper

  • Checks out boots on website of major retailer while eating quick lunch at desk.
  • Steps in a puddle on commute home, context triggers quick mobile browsing session for new boots.
  • Puts kids to bed, downloads smartphone app from shoe retailer to complete purchase.

#2 The Ravenous Reader

  • Wakes up and immediately checks favorite news app to glimpse at the day’s headlines
  •  Train stalls during morning rush allowing time to read in-depth investigative piece recommended on mobile web
  • Realizing amount of time spent reading across devices, ponders paying for subscription

#3 The World Traveler

  • Books business travel at comfortable urban hotel with loyalty program
  •  After calling family via FaceTime, scrolls through app to book vacation at beach resort from affiliate of hotel he is currently staying in
  • Logs onto hotel’s website the next day to complete the booking

To help marketers continually personalize the experience for visitors like this and convert them at scale, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of omnichannel audience sharing.  

Omnichannel Audience Sharing

Audiences are now shareable between any two sites under the same account. And that’s not all — these audiences can be shared between native apps, desktop and mobile web sites to power true omni-channel synchronicity. With this release, Dynamic Yield creates cohesive personalized experiences that follow audiences across platforms.

Visitors will be linked and unified once they identify themselves in each section with their Unique Identifier (commonly their email address), determined per account in the Signup, Login and Newsletter Subscription Events.

Furthermore, users can create complex targeting rules based on a combination of shared audiences and any other behavioral data. For example, users who visited your mobile app but did not complete a purchase can be uniquely targeted with personalized offers on desktop and mobile web.

Note that currently, the actual syncing of shared audiences takes place once a day (and thus, visitors aren’t counted towards shared audiences in real-time).

Omnichannel Audience Sharing In Dynamic Yield

As consumers increasingly demand relevant experiences triggered within seconds, omnichannel audience sharing will be essential to returning consumers back to context across to drive conversions.

Furthermore, by combining all audience data across channels and sites, your overall dataset becomes immensely richer. Dynamic Yield’s machine learning algorithms are juiced with more information to provide more personalized experiences at all consumer touchpoints.

Please continue to visit our product blog for features on new product releases and in-depth use case analyses of existing features. We look forward to what’s on tap in 2017 and continuing to build a future where personalization truly becomes personal.

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