Dynamic Yield Introduces Industry’s First-Ever Personalization Inspiration Library

Dynamic Yield Introduces Industry’s First-Ever Personalization Inspiration Library

Introducing a robust collection of over 80 inspiring examples of how leading brands in various industries have delivered high-yielding results across channels.

Public resource comprised of 80+ real customer use cases proven to deliver high-impact results 

[New York, November 7, 2019] Dynamic Yield, the AI-Powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform, today announced the release of its public Personalization Inspiration Library, a robust collection of over 80 inspiring examples of how leading brands in various industries have delivered high-yielding results across channels. 

Built as a repository for the many innovative and powerful personalization use cases deployed over the years, through Dynamic Yield’s platform, the Inspiration Library acts as a guiding light for discovering new and purposeful campaign ideas – contextualizing how leading brands from around the world have already improved KPIs through personalization.

Organized by theme, industry, channel, impacted page, experience type, and implementation effort, marketers can easily search, filter, and identify the most suitable use cases based on their business needs.

For example, using these filters, a retailer trying to minimize cart abandonment can quickly find powerful use cases for “Abandonment and Reengagement,” while a travel brand looking to drive urgency might search for time-sensitive promotions. 

Personalization Inspiration Library

Each use case featured in the Inspiration Library includes:

  • Who deployed the use case to determine industry relevance
  • Benchmark data for measuring and comparing results
  • Original hypothesis to investigate a particular theory
  • Strategy employed for use in experience design
  • Implementation effort to assist in prioritization

“We’ve seen hundreds of ways our customers have achieved repeated success with Dynamic Yield,” said Mukund Ramachandran, CMO of Dynamic Yield. “The Inspiration Library codifies the top customer use cases into a repository that is rich with best practices and offers a starting point for scaling your business with omnichannel personalization.”

Similar to the Personalization Template Library, the Inspiration Library offers a framework that marketers can use as a springboard for building custom experiences, ultimately reducing time spent on design and development.

A sample of personalization use case themes from Dynamic Yield’s Inspiration Library: 

  • Abandonment recovery
  • Homepage personalization
  • Promotional messaging
  • Upsell strategies
  • Weather personalization
  • Welcome messages
  • Subscription personalization
  • And many more

“Accessing the Inspiration Library for the first time was the equivalent of a kid walking into a candy store – as personalization practitioners, we’re always looking for new and unique ways to enhance the customer experience,” said Claudia Lugmair, Director of Customer Experience at VitaCup. “Not only does it help kickstart the ideation process, but we can deploy these use cases confidently knowing other brands have witnessed results with them.” 

Dynamic Yield plans to add to the library on a rolling basis, including new and innovative use cases deployed through the platform which demonstrate notable uplifts. For more information on the Inspiration Library, which is also available in French, German, Russian, and Spanish visit: dynamicyield.com/use-cases.

About Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is an AI-powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform that delivers individualized experiences at every customer touchpoint: web, apps, email, kiosks, IoT, and call centers. The platform’s data management capabilities provide for a unified view of the customer, allowing the rapid and scalable creation of highly targeted digital interactions. Marketers, product managers, and engineers from more than 300 brands around the world use Dynamic Yield daily for launching new personalization campaigns, running server-side and client-side A/B tests, leveraging machine-learning for product and content recommendations, and employing algorithms for smartly triggered email and push notifications. Dynamic Yield Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation.

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