Introducing: Triggered Push Notifications

Introducing: Triggered Push Notifications

As the ubiquity of mobile continues to grow, Triggered Push Notifications provide your business with the capabilities to tackle the opportunity of mobile.

Driven by the increasing usage of smartphones and tablets, mobile is no longer just a novelty as more consumers look to their mobile devices to engage with businesses. Today, 71 percent of digital minutes are spent on mobile devices, and with users expecting their mobile apps and websites to be more personalized over the next few years, businesses need to invest more heavily in mobile-first experiences if they want to meet consumer demands.

The most personal device to connect with people to-date, brands who continue to deliver generic and identical experiences despite its intimate nature are doomed to disappoint. Especially within the context of mobile apps, where a low number of apps used per day and limited data storage takes no mercy on non-personalized and irrelevant messaging. With users quick to uninstall and move on, brands who fail to engage their most valuable customers not only lose out on conversions but also end up closing an important channel for conversation.

With its power to reach mobile users at critical moments, push notifications provide brands with the hook to retain users, engaging them throughout the customer journey. All that’s required is the right customer data to fuel and activate the right customized messages when it matters the most.

Introducing Triggered Push Notifications

With Dynamic Yield’s Triggered Push Notifications, businesses can deliver personalized, relevant push notifications based on all available customer data, leveraging information such as user activity and behavior. An extension of Dynamic Yield’s powerful triggering engine, which provides the ability to build, manage, and automatically deliver triggered messages – now, both email and push notifications can be supercharged. Key engagement events can be defined by the business as triggering conditions to deliver important messages to target users at the most impactful moments in their customer journey.

Triggered Push Notifications

For example, customizing important reminders, messages communicating a user has left products in their shopping cart, recommended products, and targeted promotions. 

Additionally, Dynamic Yield enables businesses to go beyond just basic text-based push notifications. With Triggered Push notifications, a variety of rich media enhances otherwise dry and lifeless messages. Include static images, showcase recently viewed products or those abandoned in a shopping cart, as well as personalized product recommendations powered by Dynamic Yield’s advanced machine learning algorithms.  

Examples of Triggered Push Notifications with Dynamic Yield:

  • Automatic Reminders: Send a text-based message to a customer when they haven’t opened your mobile app in over a week, forgot to finish filling out a form, or more.
  • Recover Abandoned Carts: If a customer left items in their shopping cart without checking out, send them a push notification including the products left behind to recover a potentially lost purchase.
  • Deliver Product Recommendations: Send VIP customers a message highlighting recommended products they might be interested in if a return purchase hasn’t been completed in the last 2 weeks.
  • Send Custom Messages: Create and send a personalized triggered push notification using the triggers, content, and targeting conditions most critical for your business.

Triggered Push Notifications are a powerful tool built into Dynamic Yield’s omnichannel personalization platform, made even stronger by the ability of a business to leverage customer data from across all customer channels – web, mobile app, and any existing enterprise systems like CRMs, DMPs, and more – to personalize each message.

Additionally, the Dynamic Yield platform enables businesses to test and analyze which strategies, creative, and messaging work best for their users, a necessity to delivering optimal results with personalization.

As the ubiquity of mobile continues to grow, Triggered Push Notifications provide your business with the capabilities to tackle the opportunity of mobile and increase revenue.

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