Increases Revenue Across Customer Journey with Personalized Recommendations (Case Study)

Learn how optimized all stages of the purchase funnel to increase revenue per user from the homepage, product pages, and cart page.

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Using Dynamic Yield to automatically select the right recommendation strategy, the jewelry giant boosted average revenue per user from the homepage by 39%!

Simply put, is the ultimate purveyor of pretty things. Located in the heart of New York City’s jewelry district, the retailer prides themselves on delivering unbeatable values on fine jewelry.

To help the company offer sparkling savings on more than 3,000 stunning jewels, places a premium on serving personalized product recommendations across their website.

While traditional recommendation point solutions can deploy basic strategies, most do not allow merchandisers to fully control their recommendations. Furthermore, being confined to a recommendation vendor’s “black box” often prevents brands from serving unique recommendation layouts based on where visitors are in the sales funnel or embedding widgets in custom locations on a website or app screen.

To break free of black boxes and increase revenue from product recommendations, Jewelry wanted a data-driven yet flexible solution that would allow it to:

  • Implement merchandiser expertise and set custom recommendation conditions for
    specific pages and products.
  • Use a machine-learning engine to automatically select the most effective strategy for
    each user, context, or KPI.
  • Provide a “full stack” solution where data collected from recommendations could apply to other aspects of onsite personalization

After turning to Dynamic Yield, the retailer reimagined the customer journey across their website and deployed recommendation strategies to match, leading to significant ARPU uplifts across each main page category.

Download the Case Study to Learn

  • How significantly boosted average revenue per user across homepage, product pages, and cart page
  • How the online diamond destination increased homepage conversions by fusing multiple recommendation strategies
  • How maximized product and cart page real estate by exposing users to more recommendations
  • How the Big Apple based company created entirely unique experiences for new vs. returning users


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