Kopari Blends Personalization into Their Digital Strategy (Case Study)

Kopari Blends Personalization into Their Digital Strategy (Case Study)

Learn how coconut-obsessed beauty company, Kopari, personalized experiences to capitalize on each and every new customer, increasing ARPU with Dynamic Yield.

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My name is Megan Whitman and I’m the Chief Digital Officer at Kopari Beauty. Kopari Beauty is a coconut oil-based beauty company. We optimize the benefits of coconut oil by adding all-natural ingredients in our skin care, body care and personal care products.

One of the biggest challenges that we’re facing currently is going from a digitally-native brand that has 100% focus in our direct-to-consumer business to our wide expansion into retail. This results in new customers coming to our website for very different reasons. Personalization plays a huge role in solving this challenge.

What we have to do is figure out exactly who the customer is and what they’re looking for by the way that they are entering our site and how they’re interacting with our site. We want to have a solution where we’re able to actually implement a test or a personalization technique at the drop of a hat, when we don’t necessarily have the time or the resources to build out a full development process.

Dynamic Yield has been a really great tool for our non-technical eCommerce manager as she’s able to launch experiments on her own on a daily basis. Since we started working with Dynamic Yield about 15 months ago, our revenue per visitor has increased over 60%. That’s substantial for a business of our size and has been an amazing resource that we can use to grow the company. We’ve done this by optimizing our mobile and desktop experiences in very different ways based on customer feedback, as well as understanding the customer from where they’re coming into the website and adjusting the content accordingly.

Coconut-obsessed beauty company, Kopari, increases ARPU by 60%

Whether you’re familiar with many benefits of coconut oil or are just discovering it’s many powers, Kopari Beauty specializes in incorporating innovative natural ingredients that enhance the performance of traditional coconut oil.

Having started out as a digitally-native startup company that focused entirely on its direct-to-consumer business, over time, Kopari Beauty has experienced an influx of new visitors during its expansion into omnichannel retail.

To support a burgeoning base of shoppers arriving at its Shopify Plus store, Kopari needed a way to identify each new visitor and surface the appropriate products. To succeed in overcoming this challenge, Kopari Beauty sought a solution that would allow them to:

  • Easily implement a personalization solution on their Shopify Plus website
  • Use machine learning to automatically identify each visitor and their motives based on available data, point of entry, and site interactions
  • Implement a test or personalization technique at the drop of a hat without necessarily having the time or resources to build out a full development process

After securing Dynamic Yield’s robust platform, Kopari Beauty successfully scaled their business without missing out on any new opportunities headed their way. While doing so, the average spend per visitor increased by 60%.

Download the Case Study to Learn

  • How Kopari optimized the experience for new visitors
  • How Kopari fused a variety of product recommendation strategies
  • How Kopari experimented with shipping threshold messaging
  • How Kopari adjusted its site experience for mobile users

Additionally, please check out coverage of Kopari Beauty + Dynamic Yield in Internet Retailer.

To find out how Dynamic Yield can help you achieve your personalization goals, schedule a demo request with an expert from our team.

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