Dynamic Yield Launches Next-generation Landing Page Builder

Dynamic Yield Launches Next-generation Landing Page Builder

New Capability Eliminates Coding and Leverages Machine Learning to Provide More Engaging Landing Pages.

New Capability Eliminates Coding and Leverages Machine Learning to Provide More Engaging Landing Pages

NEW YORK – November 20, 2014 – Dynamic Yield, the automated, real-time personalization and conversion optimization solution, announced today the launch of a new Landing Page optimization module – providing marketers with the power to quickly create, publish and optimize hundreds of landing pages – independently – and without the need of IT support.

The new module empowers marketers to easily build and manage a large number of landing pages, personalize and customize their content, automatically A/B test multiple variations and optimize the funnel in real time. It also introduces a major innovation: the ability to create landing pages on-the-fly, pulling real-time data from feeds, databases and advertising campaigns. The result is plain and simple: with minimal effort, visitors are targeted with fully personalized landing pages that drive engagement and automated optimization, to increase conversion and revenue.

“A better way for creating, managing and optimizing landing pages has been a top request of our B2B and B2C clients. As a marketer, you are running dozens of concurrent campaigns. Data shows that landing pages that correlate exactly to your ad messages yield significantly higher conversion rates. Now, thanks to our new module, the marketer is in charge, and landing pages can be built in a breeze,” says Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield. “Some of our clients don’t even create the landing pages in advance – they simply create the templates – and Dynamic Yield populates them in real-time according to the specific campaign. It’s the equivalent of having thousands of landing pages, each tailored specifically to the right context and the right user.”

The rising cost of online advertising puts a lot of pressure on marketers to increase conversion rates and improve the ROI of their campaigns. Dynamic Yield’s Landing Page Builder allows for data-driven decision making, real-time optimization, and – most importantly – speed to market. It allows for launching a new set of landing pages in minutes without the needing to go through design work, coding and deployment by IT. That agility allows marketers to be bolder with their experiments, knowing that Dynamic Yield’s optimization algorithms will always serve the highest converting pages for each user visiting the site.

About Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is the leading provider of real-time, automated content personalization and conversion optimization solutions for online marketers, retailers and publishers. The company’s technology allows leading online brands to maximize ROI by automatically delivering the right content to every visitor at every step of the funnel. Designed for the marketing professional, the platform is super intuitive, requires absolutely no coding following implementation, and delivers optimized experiences automatically in real time.

The company was founded in 2012 and has raised $15M to date from the New York Times Company, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, Bessemer Venture Partners, Marker LLC and Innovation Endeavors.

For more information about Dynamic Yield, please visit www.dynamicyield.com.

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