Launch localized campaigns at scale with our multilingual support

Launch localized campaigns at scale with our multilingual support

Break free of restrictive localization workflows with Dynamic Yield's Multilingual Campaign support for global personalization at scale.

In today’s landscape, true relevance means demonstrating a clear understanding of who a visitor is, which can vary dramatically depending on where they are located, as each country’s user behavior is different. Historically burdened with creating numerous identical campaigns for various regions to accomplish this, now, with Dynamic Yield’s Multilingual Site Support, organizations can manage translations within one experiment. The result is a newfound ability to deliver global personalization at scale. 

One of the biggest benefits of going digital is that it increases accessibility. Consumers are no longer restricted to engaging with brands within their general vicinity – everything is available at their fingertips, 24/7. 

This means the days of thinking local are long gone, with an increasing number of eCommerce brands seeking to service customers beyond the borders in which they operate. Especially in Europe, where nations so closely neighbor one another. 

But it’s not just about the delivery of goods – catering to customers now means reflecting their interests and preferences while speaking their native language. However, for many teams, the process of building localized experiences to better resonate with those in various regions has been less than seamless. 

Below, learn more about how to break free of typical localization workflows for the delivery of multilanguage campaigns at scale. 

The status quo of global personalization

Let’s say your company is rolling out a global promotion around the holidays. To boost engagement and successfully run this campaign, your marketing team needs to ensure the promotions are tailored to visitors’ regional languages. 

Historically, teams have often resorted to creating an audience segment for each region, which they then target with a unique experience. And while in theory this “works,” it comes with its setbacks – most notably increased site latency over time as your organization increases the number of individual campaigns it is running, weighing down your tech infrastructure.

When resorting to the use of workarounds for multilingual campaigns, every campaign in every language is treated as a separate activity. This means, even deploying a simple homepage welcome popop requires teams to create a dozen unique campaigns. And if your organization wants to add a coupon code to the welcome popup after a few days, this change will need to be implemented manually for each individual campaign. Over time, marketing teams then find themselves stuck with the grueling task of managing endless, nearly-identical campaigns to ensure alignment across languages every time they make even a minor change. 

It’s also important to remember that most marketing stacks today continue to be primarily script-based, built upon JavaScript code that makes changes on the client-side after a page loads. As a result, in addition to the time spent on managing these individual campaigns, teams will also face the problem of latency. Every new campaign launched on the client-side has its code, further weighing down speed and impacting pageload. And even when teams implement a special JavaScript code to remedy these issues using page locale to manage translations, speed-to-market is impacted, as organizations must then rely on development resources every step along the way.

Introducing, Dynamic Yield’s Multilingual capabilities

We believe agility is an essential element of today’s marketing stack, and for years, we’ve enabled brands to better meet their customers where they are, from our currency support for conversion events to localized product recommendations. This is especially meaningful to enterprise brands, who are more likely to have a customer base rooted in a number of different geographic regions. And now, with our Multilingual Campaign Support, these teams can deliver truly tailored experiences across regions, quickly and easily. 

Using our solution, marketers no longer need to duplicate entire campaigns and deal with the hassle of individual upkeep. Instead, they can manage one singular campaign per experience and prevent script inflation. 

This feature allows them to:

  • Set the different languages and locales for their site
  • Set and manage translations per variable in templates and experience variations
  • Set translations according to the context of the page 

Simply choose the languages your site supports, which will then appear in the campaign editor. 

Simply choose the languages your site supports, which will then appear in the campaign editor.

From there, you can select the text you wish to translate and input the content for each language. Now, whenever a visitor is served this experience, it will render in the relevant regional language.

Serve localized versions of variations to site visitors

And the buck doesn’t stop at text – every change to images, colors, or any site element that impacts the content can be applied at once, with no need to manually alter variations by language.

When using our Multilingual offering, teams can rest assured that:

  • Any and all changes (i.e. changes to targeting, design elements, etc.) will be applied to all languages at once
  • Site latency will be significantly reduced due to no longer needing to launch dozens of campaigns for nearly identical experiences
  • With one campaign, experiment data becomes unified, increasing the rate of statistical significance

True personalization is localized, and with our new Multilingual offering, brands can seamlessly tailor experiences for each and every customer at scale.

Maximizing your cross-border business

As an increasing number of eCommerce brands tap into new markets, catering to the needs of site visitors from different areas of the world has become a top priority. Our new, Multilingual Support capabilities streamline localization, expediting time-to-launch for personalization campaigns while maintaining site usability. As a result, teams are enabled to not only better connect with their regional customers right out of the gate, but more easily learn from them and deliver on their needs over time.

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